FBI responsible for pre-bunking story on Hunter laptop, warned Twitter in ‘weekly’ meetings before censoring

The FBI has been caught once again with its paw in the coie jar by the New York Post over the Hunter Biden scandal after warning […]

Lindsey Graham warns: ‘Just a matter of time’ before a terrorist comes across border and kills Americans

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave a stark and brutal warning on Friday, stating on the “Faulkner Focus” that it’s “just a matter of time” before terrorists come […]

Virginia’s largest police department in staffing crisis: ‘We’ve never seen this level’ of a shortage

Virginia’s largest police department in Fairfax County is suffering a major staffing shortage and is offering $15,000 to new officers who are qualified to come on board […]

‘Then throw away your phone!’ The Five’s Harold Ford and Jeanine Pirro go at it over Apple

On Friday’s episode of “The Five,” Harold Ford Jr. challenged fellow co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro to throw away her iPhone after criticizing Apple CEO Tim Co for […]

Texas girl, 7, found murdered days after being kidnapped by FedEx driver delivering a package to her home

A seven-year-old little girl named Athena Strand was abducted and reportedly murdered within an hour after being kidnapped on Wednesday in Texas by a FedEx driver named […]

Ben Shapiro surprisingly disagrees with Musk over banning Kanye: He’s not ‘actually inciting violence against people’

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro shockingly disagreed with Chief Twit Elon Musk for banning rapper Kanye West for a second time on after he displayed a […]

Candace Owens relishes in roasting list of celebs in mass exodus from Twitter

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens hilariously pilloried D-list celebrities who have taken part in a “mass exodus” from after Chief Twit Elon Musk to the helm, quipping […]

Dems vote to boot ‘too white’ Iowa from 2024 Primary Calendar: ‘It’s time for black voters to actually have a say’

President Joe Biden successfully pushed for South Carolina to replace Iowa as the first primary state to kick off the 2024 presidential election for Democrats due to […]

Missionary carrying a cross and Old Glory across America ends in Montana fistfight after alleged threat

Jesse Michael Boyd, a 46-year-old missionary who was carrying a cross and a flag 5,000 miles across the nation, was arrested in Montana after getting into a […]

‘So brave!’ Pfizer takes snarky swipe at anyone who dares to question science, then blocks replies

It’s evident that Pfizer is in need of a new social media person after sending out an ill-considered tweet that to an elitist swipe at anyone who […]

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