Starbucks customers AND employees fume over new ‘awkward’ tipping system: ‘Tip culture is getting insane’

Starbucks recently rolled out a new tipping system much like Dutch Brothers that allows customers to tip their barista when paying with a credit card and employees […]

Joy Reid says Herschel Walker being ‘walked around’ by Lindsey Graham shows GOP ‘disrespects’ black men

MSNBC host Joy Reid once again used racism to bolster her baseless accusations against conservatives, claiming that Sen. Lindsey Graham “walked around” Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker […]

Meta warns it will remove ALL news content on Facebook if Congress approves Journalism Competition and Preservation Act

Meta is threatening to remove all news content from in an apparent attempt to pressure Congress over potentially passing the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act that […]

Tarlov uses Hunter’s penis to argue Twitter collusion was no biggie and ‘Biden was not in elected office’

Jessica Tarlov, the ten leftist on “The Five,” spewed Democratic talking points on Monday, asserting that President Biden didn’t squelch free speech or censor the Hunter Biden […]

Kyle Rittenhouse inquires if Elon Musk’s explosive ‘Twitter Files’ reveal ‘hidden censoring’ against him

Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted after shooting and killing two attackers in self-defense during a violent Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is now asking Elon […]

Left seeks to ban guns, leave people more vulnerable as violent crime explodes around college campuses

As violent crime erupts across the nation, many colleges are allowing concealed carry for protection despite the fact that rabid anti-gun leftists want to prevent them from […]

‘They’re real f–king monsters’: Joe Rogan fired up over ‘100% real’ deep state, says ‘no one is going to jail’

Mega podcaster Joe Rogan tore into the “deep state” over the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Russian collusion hoax, raging on his show […]

Woke director James Cameron calls testosterone ‘a toxin’ that men should ‘work out of their system’

“Titanic” and “Avatar” director James Cameron outrageously asserted in a recent interview on “Avatar: The Way Of Water” that testosterone is a “toxin” that men should work […]

As crime skyrockets, Philly looks to make permanent 10 pm curfew for teens under 18

In an effort to clamp down on out-of-control crime in Philaphia, the city council passed a bill on Thursday, voting 15-1 to make a summertime curfew permanent […]

Musk says FTX crypto billionaire likely donated more than $1B to Dems, asks ‘where did it go?’

Elon Musk is alleging that disgraced crypto exchange billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who seems to be having his soiled reputation whitewashed by the left, gifted Democrats over $1 […]

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