Biden-Harris HQ eaten alive for attacking Trump over Hannibal Lecter remark

Republican party nominee Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech was so masterful that he barely even left crumbs for the Democrats to pick through for attack material. With […]

Longserving Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has died

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) has passed away at the age of 74 years old, succumbing after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The Texas Democrat who […]

‘She has no shame’: Joy Behar says it’s ‘narcissistic’ of Trump to believe God played a part in saving his life

Trump derangement syndrome works in mysterious ways, as can be witnessed in multiple public meltdowns by media shills as momentum behind the former president soars. Enter into […]

Illegal alien known for urging others to squat in US homes linked to Venezuela military intel: report

Turns out, the illegal immigrant who went viral in a video urging others to “invade” American homes and claim “squatters rights” is believed to be a member […]

Congress reportedly DENIED access to written protection plan for Trump

An important Ops Report with details on the plan to protect former President Donald Trump at his Pennsylvania rally was not made available to Congress. Lawmakers were […]

Trump, former colleagues, and friends pay tribute to the ‘Great Lou Dobbs’ after his passing

Former President Donald Trump offered his condolences to the family of veteran journalist Lou Dobbs who passed away Wednesday, according to reports. “The Great Lou Dobbs has […]

Frank Luntz lists three Biden replacements who have a chance against Trump, leaves out one obvious name

Pollster Frank Luntz threw out three names that he believes could replace President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket, but he made one glaring omission. (Video Credit: […]

Would-be Trump assassin allegedly made cryptic threats against school, classmates

New information on Thomas Cros, former President Trump’s would-be assassin, is finally coming to light that is highly concerning but not surprising in the least. The Daily […]

Move over Joy Reid. Keith Olbermann is having a meltdown for the ages

Van Jones appearing to praise former President Donald Trump’s strength while mocking President Joe Biden for his weakness sparked a meltdown in Keith Olbermann. The former MSNBC […]

Unprecedented enthusiasm gap hounds Dems: ‘They can’t find anybody’

An MSNBC panel fretted over what one participant saw as an unprecedented enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans regarding the 2024 presidential election. As dour-faced MSNBC propagandist […]

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