AZ officials certify results ‘under duress’ and alleged threat of arrest; Kari Lake sounds off!

Monday marked the deadline for Arizona’s 15 counties to report the November 8 election results to the Secretary of State’s Office and one county failed to meet that deadline while another did so under stated “duress.”

Mohave County Supervisors unanimously certified the results of the midterm election, saying they were doing so only because state law requires it.

“I will vote to certify this canvass under duress for the chaos Maricopa County has foisted into our election process,” District 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius said, according to Arizona Public Media.

Ron Gould, chairman of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors, also said that he was voting to certify “under duress.”

“I found out today that I have no choice but to vote aye, or I’ll be arrested and charged with a felony. I don’t think that that is what our founders had in mind when they chose a democratic process to elect their leaders, or our form of self-government and I find that very disheartening,” Gould said.

The Mohave board met Monday morning and failed to reach a consensus on the results and recessed, AZPM reported. They would reconvene several hours later and vote to certify to comply with state law.

Cochise County did not meet Monday’s deadline for canvassing election results, ignoring the law to reschedule the required canvass until December 2, according to Arizona Central. In delaying the action, the newspaper reported, the board “violated the law, opening the three members to felony charges.”

In an effort to compel the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to certify the Nov. 8 election results, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs — the Democratic candidate for governor who appears to have defeated Republican Kari Lake and continues to oversee the election process in Arizona despite being directly impacted by the outcome — filed a lawsuit Monday evening, claiming that by missing the deadline the board “disenfranchises tens of thousands of voters in Cochise County.”

Lake posted an update on what she called Arizona’s “scam elections,” noting that Maricopa County “certified their botched election.” A number of polling places experienced problems with tabulators and printing ballots that could be properly read — Lake has argued that the locations affected were primarily Republican-heavy areas. The GOP candidate spoke about the legal action she is taking to challenge what she called “the most dishonest elections in the history of Arizona,” citing a number of conflicts of interest beginning with Hobbs overseeing the election.

Tom Tillison


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