Bannon BLASTS Mike Johnson over passage of ‘demonic’ defense bill: ‘Don’t tell me you’re a Christian!’

Conservative pundit Steve Bannon eviscerated Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for bringing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) up for a vote Thursday.

“The NDAA just passed, it just passed. This is Mike Johnson, and don’t tell me you’re a Christian. I don’t want to hear you’re a Christian, don’t wear your faith, don’t give me the Bible, I don’t hear more Bible verses. When you’ve allowed the transgender, you’ve allowed all that garbage, all that demonic trash throughout the defense budget,” Bannon railed on his War Room podcast.

“You wonder why, you wonder why you can’t get, you wonder why you can’t get, that you can’t get kids, you know, red-blooded American boys and girls to get into the military with what you’ve done in this neo-Marxism and this cultural rot,” he raged.

“Now you have taxpayers paying for this… almost a trillion dollars and you allowed this to happen. When the commitment, the commitment, if you can’t get the majority, the majority doesn’t go to the floor. The Hastert Rule!” Bannon angrily lashed out. “But you waive that to get this there because you’re playing footsie with Mitch McConnell, [Chuck] Schumer, and you’re just as bad as the bad guys because you should know better. So I don’t need to hear any more biblical views, okay?”

Bannon continued torching Johnson, slamming his claims of being a Christian who is trying to do the right thing.

“Your intentions don’t matter. The only thing that matters is your human agency and what you deliver. What you deliver. So don’t give me the biblical worldview, I saw it in the NDAA, your biblical worldview is manifested there. So don’t do another prayer group,” he admonished.

“We don’t, I don’t, what I need is Christians at the ramparts prepared to stand in the breach in what we call the gap. It’s not easy. You’re going to get criticized on MSNBC. Mitch McConnell is going to say bad things about you. The donors are going to say this and screw them! You either believe it or you don’t believe it,” Bannon chided.

He wasn’t the only one angry over the passage of the bill either. Conservatives such as Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) are fed up with the unconstitutional spying on Americans.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) also previously slammed the NDAA, arguing that it was a “deal made between Speaker Johnson” and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“We were appointed to participate to make sure no money for abortion, no money for trans, for members like me standing up for Americans who are sick and tired of funding the Ukraine war, we we had taken the 300 million out of the defense bill,” she heatedly began.

“Well, let me tell you what the final product is and the deal that was made. That funding is there for abortion travel. The policy is still in place for trans and the military and everything that goes with it. Democrat trans policy, Democrat abortion policy, 300 million for Ukraine is back in the NDAA,” Taylor Greene furiously pointed out.

“This was a total sell-out of conservative principles and a huge win for Democrats,” wrote Greene in a fiery statement. “Congratulations to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, you should all be excited to vote for this! I’m a HELL NO!”

The disappointment after the vote was palpable and Johnson being seen with former Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t help.


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