Biden adds to his divisive Jim Crow 2.0 rhetoric; shouldn’t he be banned from Twitter for this?

In an attempt at conversing with the Americans, he is meant to serve, Joe Biden managed to alienate still more voters by doubling down on his divisive Jim Crow 2.0 rhetoric.

Tuesday, it was revealed that Joe Biden’s administration is gearing up for a big reset in an attempt to shift attention away from his dealings with Congress, choosing instead to emphasize his time spent communicating directly with the American people.


Joe Biden, communicating. What could possibly go wrong?

Certainly not this, from his official POTUS account on Twitter:

With that, Jen Psaki’s contention that President Biden was not actually comparing those who disagreed with him to infamous white supremacists went out the window, and Conservative Twitter was quick to respond.

Vocal Floridian and Republican House candidate Laverne Spicer wasted no time holding a mirror up to POTUS’s claims.

GOP Chairwoman Rona McDaniel echoed the sentiment earlier this week.

Many rushed to point out the Biden administration’s hypocrisy when it comes to discussing election integrity…

While others were outraged by the comparisons to life under Jim Crow laws.

But at the root of Biden’s failed attempt to communicate with Americans is all the lies he insists on repeating.


In the end, however, you can rest easily knowing Americans heard the true meaning behind Biden’s divisive message.

It came through loud and clear.

Nice talk, Joe.

Melissa Fine


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