Biden and Zelensky set to seal a deal meant to hamstring Trump before election: report

President Biden is preemptively taking obstructionism to a new level against former President Trump, attempting to solidify a 10-year deal with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The meeting is set to take place in Italy at the G7 confab where Biden will sign a deal with Zelenskyy committing billions more in military support to Ukraine over the next decade. It’s meant to prevent Trump from disconnecting from Ukraine and seeking a ceasefire with Russia. It should be noted that the president is in Italy while Russia has sent a fleet of warships to Cuban waters as the two countries prepare to hold military drills in the Caribbean replete with hypersonic weaponry. So much for the Monroe Doctrine.

“The move is a key ‘deliverable’ of Biden’s G7 meetings set to begin in the Apulia region of Italy Thursday. The president arrived last night, and meets one-on-one with Zelenskyy before the two leaders are set to hold a joint press conference Thursday evening local time,” the Daily Mail reported.

It is unsurprising that Russia is so bold in light of Biden’s incredible weakness on the world stage. Russian President Vladimir Putin is giving the Biden administration a figurative middle finger after the president green-lighted Ukraine using U.S. missiles to strike within Mother Russia. And while that is going on, Russia, China, and Iran have infiltrated Southern and Central America on Biden’s watch as well.

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“‘We want to demonstrate that the U.S. supports the people of Ukraine, that we stand with them, and that we’ll continue to help address their security needs not just tomorrow but out into the future,’ White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to the annual confab,” the media outlet added.

“‘This is a big deal,’ he added Thursday. He called it a ‘real marker of our commitment, not just for this month, this year, but for many years ahead, to continue to support Ukraine, both in defending against Russian aggression and in deterring future aggression,'” the Daily Mail stated referring to Sullivan’s remarks.

Biden’s efforts to hamstring Trump will most likely be in vain. The bilateral deal does not have the gravitas of a U.S. ratified treaty and the former president will almost assuredly withdraw from it once elected. If the intent is to put Trump in his place, the move has already failed.

“But it would still present a barrier should Biden’s Republican successor retake the White House. It is one of several efforts considered in Congress to try to ‘Trump-proof’ elements of the established order,” the Daily Mail noted.

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This latest attempt by Biden to thwart Trump if he is re-elected to the presidency comes after a $60 billion measure to aid Ukraine was shoved through Congress despite Americans wanting it or not.

Trump will be on Capitol Hill Thursday to meet with Republicans including Mitch McConnell concerning his campaign and plans for the White House after the November election. Ukraine is sure to come up during those discussions.

Meanwhile, as Biden meets with Zelenskyy in Italy at the G7, the deal will also ostensibly include another $50 billion loan for the besieged country that is getting pounded by Russia.

“The money comes from interest on $300 million in seized Russian assets – and gets around opposition from within the alliance to using those funds,” the Daily Mail pointed out. “Details were still being worked out and administration officials were loath to confirm earlier reporting on the outlines of the deal. But the funds could reach Kyiv by year’s end.”

Sullivan tip-toed around the issue of seizing Russian sovereign assets.

“I think we’re teed up for success in that regard … we’ll have to see how the next two days unfold,” he remarked as he claimed that leaders were on “the verge of a good outcome.”

“I think we will have the major tent poles of this decided,” Sullivan vaguely commented.

Following Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict on gun charges, the president decided to take all of his son’s children with him to Italy. It’s unclear who is paying for that elaborate vacation.


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