WW III watch: Biden allows Ukraine to strike Russia with U.S. weapons

The Biden administration has reportedly “quietly” authorized Ukraine to use U.S. weapons to strike Russian forces within Russia itself.

“The president recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine is able to use U.S. weapons for counter-fire purposes in Kharkiv so Ukraine can hit back at Russian forces hitting them or preparing to hit them,” an anonymous official told Politico on Thursday.

This means Ukrainian forces can now use American rockets and rocket launchers to eliminate Russian missiles headed toward Kharkiv and to also take down Russian bombers dropping bombs on Kharkiv.

“But the official said Ukraine cannot use those weapons to hit civilian infrastructure or launch long-range missiles, such as the Army Tactical Missile System, to hit military targets deep inside Russia,” Politico notes.

The official stressed that the original policy of not authorizing long-range strikes within Russia “has not changed.”

Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city that closely borders Russia.

Ukraine reportedly asked the Biden administration to institute this policy after Russia began attacking Kharkiv earlier this month.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken previously hinted that a change in policy was incoming.

“We haven’t encouraged or enabled strikes outside of Ukraine, but Ukraine, as I’ve said before, has to make its own decisions about the best way to effectively defend itself,” he said during a Wednesday presser. “We’re going to make sure that it has the equipment it needs to do that.”

“And another hallmark of our support for Ukraine over these now more than two years has been to adapt. As the conditions have changed, as the battlefield has changed, as what Russia does has changed in terms of how it’s pursuing its aggression, escalation, we’ve adapted and adjusted too, and I’m confident we’ll continue to do that,” he added.

This position was shared after several top U.S. allies, including Germany and France, began calling for Ukraine to have the right to wage attacks inside Russia itself using Western weapons.

“Ukrainian soil is being attacked from bases in Russia,” French President Emmanuel Macron said during a visit this Tuesday to Schloss Meseberg in Brandenburg, Germany, according to CNN.

“So how do we explain to the Ukrainians that we’re going to have to protect these towns and basically everything we’re seeing around Kharkiv at the moment if we tell them you are not allowed to hit the point from which the missiles are fired?” he added.

“We think that we should allow them to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired and, basically, the military sites from which Ukraine is attacked,” he continued.

To his credit, Macron did stress that the West “must not allow them [the Ukrainians] to hit other targets in Russia,” including civilian homes and infrastructure.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

During the same presser, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz echoed Macron’s sentiment and stressed that Ukraine is allowed to protect itself so long as it stays within the rules established by the West.

“Ukraine has every possibility under international law for what it is doing,” he said. “That has to be said explicitly. I find it strange when some people argue that it should not be allowed to defend itself and take measures that are suitable for this.”

Why is any of this a concern? Because Western nations are fearful that if donated weapons are used inside Russia, it could trigger massive escalation and even another world war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has nevertheless repeatedly tried to pressure his Western allies into loosening the rules for him.

“In a discussion with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov made a ‘hard push’ to use U.S. weapons in Russia,” Politico notes.

It’s known for a fact that Ukraine has used its own drones to target Russian infrastructure not directly related to the war.

In the wake of the latest news, critics are now crying foul, accusing the Biden administration of pushing America toward another World War:

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