Trump, Logan Paul video blows up the internet: ‘Now that’s gonna make the left go crazy’

Influencer-turned-wrestler Logan Paul met with former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, and the pair is causing quite a stir on the Internet.

The unlikely duo created a TikTok video shared by the former president in which they face off in front of Paul’s WWE championship belt before the influencer breaks character.

“Yo! Yo, yo – I’m scared!” Paul laughs as Trump breaks into a smile and pulls him in for a hug.

In another popular moment, Trump gifted Paul with a couple of hats, including his signature red MAGA hat, as well as a t-shirt emblazoned with his mugshot and the phrase “Never Surrender!”

Screengrab: Twitter @ Impaulsive

“Is this your mugshot? No way!” Paul exclaimed. “You’re a gangster!”

“Well Elvis had one, Frank Sinatra had one — but we’ve eclipsed them,” Trump joked.

These two videos sparked plenty of conversation on X:

Trump also recorded an episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, ImPAULsive, which will air on Thursday. The pair discussed many topics, including President Joe Biden. At one point, Paul expressed his interest in having Biden on the podcast, which Trump said was a good idea.

“We’d like to extend the invite to Joe Biden to come on the podcast,” Paul said.

“Yeah, I think he should,” the former president responded. “You know what chance you have of getting him on? I’d say less than one percent. If you did, I’d actually watch that one!”

Sierra Marlee


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