Biden dumps on climate doomsday skeptics who he calls ‘lying dog-faced pony soldiers’

President Joe Biden continued to insult Americans who remain unconvinced of the alleged climate change doomsday by dipping into his greatest hits to accuse them of being “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” during a news conference over the weekend.

Biden’s name-calling came as he was speaking to the international press in Vietnam where he stopped off after meeting with other world leaders at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, and is just the latest example of his broken campaign trail promises of being a unifying leader.

While taking questions from what appeared to be a pre-selected list given to him by his handlers, the geriatric Democrat was asked a question on global warming by a reporter and proceeded to give a long and rambling answer with a quote that he claimed came from a movie starring iconic American actor John Wayne.

While referring to his brother, a movie buff who loves to throw around film quotes, Biden said, “there’s…there’s a movie about John Wayne he’s an Indian scout. And they’re trying to get the …I think it was the Apache…one …one of the great tribes of America back on the reservation.”

“And he’s standing with a Union so….. they’re all on their… and they’re on their horses in their saddles and there’s three or four Indians in headdresses, and the Union soldiers and the Union soldiers are basically saying to the Indians, ‘Come with me, we’ll take care of you. We’ll — everything will be good,’” Biden continued to ramble. “And the Indian scout the Indian looks at John Wayne and points to the Union soldier and says, ‘He’s a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.’”

“Well, there’s a lot of lying, dog-faced pony soldiers out there about … about global warming, but not anymore. All of a sudden, they’re all realizing it’s a…. problem,” he said.

The president had previously used the line back in 2020 during the Democratic Party primaries when at a campaign event in New Hampshire he responded to a question from a young female voter who asked why he was clobbered in the Iowa caucuses.

Biden also recently took a shot at global warming skeptics from Florida where he surveyed the damage from Hurricane Idalia, suggesting that people who don’t swallow the regime’s propaganda lack intelligence.

“I’m not joking when I say this: If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot,” Biden told staffers in a virtual swearing-in ceremony after he took office. “On the spot. No ifs or buts.”

No president in the nation’s history has been as contemptuous and divisive toward millions of his own citizens as Biden and if he wants to see a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” he only needs to look in the mirror.

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Chris Donaldson


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