Biden marks the most expensive Fourth of July ever by unveiling plan to tackle high grocery prices

As Americans fire up their grills for the annual Fourth of July BBQs that are a bit more costly due to higher food prices, they can rest assured that Joe Biden is on the job.

Desperate to shift attention from the calls for him to step down as the party’s 2024 nominee after his disastrous CNN debate showing, the inflation fighter-in-chief announced his plans to ease the pain in the checkout line.

In a Wednesday post to the X platform, the president unveiled his steps to “tackle” the gut punch at the checkout line too little, too late after over three years of inaction.

The embattled octogenarian’s gesture is largely a futile one, at least when it comes to helping to feed the family for this year’s holiday with prices up over last Independence Day, and WAY up since Biden was sworn into office.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost for feeding a group of 10 people for the holiday clocks in at $71.22, a record high and 5 percent higher than last year.

“The survey pulls prices for a complete, homemade cookout consisting of cheeseburgers, chicken breasts, pork chops, potato chips, pork and beans, fresh strawberries, homemade potato salad, fresh-squeezed lemonade, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream. With plenty of options to feed a hungry crowd, a group of 10 this year can expect to pay $71.22 for their celebration, up 5% from last year and up 30% from five years ago. Nationally, this means we are surpassing $7 per person for the first time, with the total meal coming to $7.12 a person. Only two dishes decreased in price while everything else on your table rose, on average,” the group said on its website.

Biden’s plan includes siccing attorney generals on grocers and bullying grocery store chains into lowering prices, both typical measures for the most authoritarian administration in American history, a type that has much in common with King George of England who the Founding Fathers fought a revolution against, hence the reason for the Independence Day celebration.

In addition, there will be more government freebies for low-income families, just another way to buy votes from the vital black demographic.

Biden’s generous Fourth of July message set off fireworks on X.

The Supreme Court may have put a damper on the Biden regime’s lawfare against former President Donald J. Trump but there are always the grocers to kick around.

Chris Donaldson


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