Biden reality checked when tweet telling Americans they don’t get to attack is admin goes oh, so wrong!

President Joe Biden might fancy himself a great uniter and he may yet be as the American people let him hear what they had to think about his suggestion they “don’t get to” attack his administration.

With corporate media in your back corner every step of the way, big tech pulling the strings on content moderation and global organizations uniting to sell a progressive dream billed as “Build Back Better,” it’s safe to assume that the administration thought they were going to coast through the midterms and grow their control in Congress.

The reality of Election Day eve was not so sunny and the official Twitter account of the president was caught venting some frustration Monday night with an authoritarian-style false equivalency.

“You don’t get to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in pandemic loans and then attack my Administration for helping working folks get some relief,” the President tweeted in a truly tone-deaf fashion.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the tweet was how wrong one statement could be with so few words, starting with the basic principle that Democrats have been pushing back against for years; Freedom of Speech.

Now it’s clear that Biden was actually trying to make a case about hypocrisy here, but even that point failed miserably as Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans were by no way equivalent to the 11th-hour voter bribe of student loan forgiveness.

Mike Davis laid it out matter-of-factly as he reminded that borrowers were also taken care of during the pandemic, prospective students were not coerced to take loans unlike businesses that were given no choice but to shutdown, and PPP loans were approved by Congress not the stroke of a pen from a tyrant handing out favors to loyalists.

Contributing editor for The Spectator Stephen Miller put it another way when he joined the nearly 30,000 replies to state, “Am I to understand that the president’s Twitter account is telling people who had their business forcibly shut down by the government he runs is also now telling people they ‘don’t get to’ speak out against him because of it?”

“I thought we were done with mean tweets,” added another user.

Along with thousands more comments in the same vein, others pointed out the myriad forms of wasteful spending the president had engaged in like the never-ending funding of Ukraine without a clearly defined use of those monies or any suggestion of an end to that gravy train.

Much like past remarks about Republicans wanting to “put y’all back in chains,” the pander was evident in the post as Democrats remain desperate to up voter turnout to combat the anticipated red wave. Biden’s temper, conveyed by an intern or otherwise, only gave further witness to why his approval rating has suffered and how the left dug themselves into their hole in the first place.

Kevin Haggerty


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