Biden regime official travels the world to promote transgenderism

A look at an obscure State Department posting showed how lucrative the federal government had made jet-setting to promote transgenderism.

Amidst the sprawling bloat of the Washington, D.C. swamp a position that had been created during President Barack Obama’s tenure and left vacant during President Donald Trump’s administration had been revived by President Joe Biden. Now, Jessica Stern, the State Department’s Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Persons, is reportedly taking in nearly $200,000 a year to push the rainbow around the world.

The Daily Wire field reporter Spencer Lindquist recently cast a light on this little known bureaucrat, who herself said she is responsible for overseeing LGBTQI+ policy for the roughly 77,000 State Dept. employees, and the broad extent to which globalists were pushing transgender ideology to all ages.

After sharing an image of Stern alongside Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Admiral Rachel Levine detailing that the envoy, “marched with transgenders in Brazil and cheered as children attend pride parades in Lithuania,” the report shared some of the finer points of the diplomat’s travels.

This included a picture from Brazil with the caption, “Stern has visited at least 22 countries on 6 continents as the State Department’s LGBT Special Envoy, making $180k pushing the transgender agenda. She just attended a transgender visibility march in Brazil alongside a trans activist who calls herself a ‘transvestite sl*t.'”

Through her own official social media account, she celebrated a trip to Denmark where she took part in a “nourishing three-course discussion on how we can translate DEIA policies into global action to advance LGBTQI+ equality, especially through important public-private partnerships like the [Global Equality Fund],” the same day that she shared messages rebuking the government of Ghana that sought to criminalize alphabet activism.

She herself was quoted as saying in Lithuania upon seeing kids at pride parades, “They didn’t really know what it was about. They knew that somebody gave them a flag and there were a lot people playing music and they got to dance along the street wearing stickers. And I see that as an incredibly positive thing, because when we’re teaching children a message of acceptance from a very early age, it changes their lives.”

The envoy was first appointed to her role in Sept. 2021 after spending a decade as the executive director of the activist group Outright Action International. However, Biden had originally announced that she would be taking on the responsibility of filling the position that had been left vacant under Trump when he signed legislation declaring the Pulse Nightclub a national memorial in June 2021.

In describing the scope of her duties during a July 2022 interview with the Council on Foreign Relations, Stern had said, “I’m one of just four special envoys for LGBTQI+ rights in the world. So this position represents a growing trend in foreign policy to recognize that good foreign policy is inclusive foreign policy. And that means having senior experts on LGBTQI rights.”

An interview with the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics included the envoy expressing her aim to add permanence to ideology pushing in the State Dept. as she said, “We act with an eye on the question of how do we institutionalize and depoliticize this agenda.”

“People are policy, so we need people who are inside the institution,” she continued. “I believe that scrappy LGBT human rights defenders deserve power.”

Stern had also expressed an understanding that a return of Trump to the White House would spell the end of her gig when she expressed, “We can’t say for sure that we’ll exist in two years. Our eye is always on the clock.”

Trump himself had said he hopes to reform the executive branch so that the president can terminate employees who’ve long been shielded by bureaucracy. “We will pass critical reforms making every executive branch employee fireable by the president of the United States.”

Reactions to learning about the State Dept. spending taxpayer dollars to push ideology within the halls of government and around the world had many looking ahead to the end of the Biden administration.

Kevin Haggerty


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