Biden slips up, reveals detail about Jimmy Carter’s health at Dem fundraiser: ‘I shouldn’t say that’

President Joe Biden made headlines with yet another of his trademark gaffes, this time slipping up by dishing private details about the health of former President Jimmy Carter whose condition has been deteriorating.

Speaking to a crowd at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraising event in Rancho Santa Fe, California on Monday, the geriatric gaffe machine told the audience that the ailing Carter who is under hospice care asked his fellow Democrat to be the one to do the eulogy after he passes.

“I spent time with Jimmy Carter, and it’s finally caught up with him, but they found a way to keep him going for a lot longer than they anticipated because they found a breakthrough,” he said at the event, according to multiple media reports.

“He asked me to do his eulogy,” Biden added, then appearing to catch himself for revealing Carter’s private information, “Excuse me, I shouldn’t say that.”

There is no video of the event of about 40 people where he spoke about his revived cancer “moonshot” program and called for funding for the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), a new addition to the already gargantuan federal government bureaucracy.

Last year Biden introduced the initiative that he touted “will pursue ideas that break the mold on how we normally support fundamental research and commercial products in this country.”

The 98-year-old Carter, who is the longest-living U.S. president, entered into home hospice care last month at his residence in Plains, Georgia, as he has been suffering from poor health in his advanced age.

“After a series of short hospital stays, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter today decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention. He has the full support of his family and his medical team. The Carter family asks for privacy during this time and is grateful for the concern shown by his many admirers,” the Carter Center said in a February 18 statement on the former president’s health.

Biden is often compared to the nation’s 39th president who had been widely considered to be the worst U.S. leader in modern history with his White House tenure coming at a time of national malaise, an energy crisis, Iran’s taking of American hostages after the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, and dismal economic prospects for Americans including stagflation, not to mention a loss of confidence in leadership in the aftermath of Watergate and the end of the Vietnam War.

Carter’s failed presidency opened the door for a national resurgence under his successor, President Ronald Reagan who scared the ayatollah into releasing the hostages on the day that he took office, stared down the Soviet Union which would later crumble, resuscitated the economy with his policies and brought hope and patriotism with his message that it was “morning in America,” leading to 12-years of Republicans holding the White House as the country washed away the stench of Carter’s miserable four-year term.

When asked earlier this month about whether Biden had spoken to Carter since he entered hospice care, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to provide details, only saying that “when it’s time and appropriate, certainly that conversation will happen.”

“They’ve known each other since 1976. It’s a relationship that has spanned many, many decades,” she said.

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Chris Donaldson


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