‘Crackhead Barney’ claims she was maimed by Alec Baldwin in off-the chain Piers Morgan interview

The woman who accosted actor Alec Baldwin in a New York City coffee shop accused the actor of maiming her during an off-the-chain interview with Piers Morgan.

Crackhead Barney, a social media performance artist who specializes in ambush interviews, confronted the “white devil” Baldwin as he was grabbing a cup of joe, asking him to say “Free Palestine” and “Why did you kill that lady?” with the notoriously short-tempered actor slapping the cellphone out of her hand.

After video of the confrontation with Baldwin went viral, Crackhead Barney who has over 100,000 Instagram followers appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” wearing a neck brace, an arm sling and sporting crutches in a bizarre interview that could make her the poster girl of the pro-Palestine movement.

“I’ve been waiting for you Piers f**king Morgan!” Shouted the activist after she was introduced.

“Piers f**king Morgan … What’s wrong with saying Free Palestine?” Crackhead Barney demanded. “Piers, can you say ‘Free, free Palestine’ for me?”

“I absolutely believe that Palestine should be free,” Morgan eventually opined although it didn’t quell the emotional meltdown of his guest who continued to rave before he changed the topic to Baldwin.

“Let me ask you again seriously, why did you do what you did to Alec Baldwin and what did you hope to achieve?” Morgan asked his unhinged guest.

“Alec Baldwin…look at me!” She shouted, standing up to reveal she was wearing a diaper and pasties over her breasts. “Piers honestly! Piers look at my body, look at this, look at meeee!!!”

“Piers I was maimed by a white man,” she shrieked.

“Piers, Piers! Are you another white devil? Piers Morgan, don’t do this to me, Piers, it’s too early in the morning… she screamed after Morgan expressed skepticism at her claim that she was injured by Baldwin.

“You’re British, you’re f**king annoying, you eat tea and crumpets, you have your pinky in the f**king air, you support the queen. F**k the crown, f**k Buckingham Palace,” she also ranted.

Her fans may have eaten it up, but Crackhead Barney’s performance was panned by sane people on X.

“White devil Alec Baldwin attacked me,” she said in a post sharing the coffee shop video to X. “While I was trying to get coffeee.”

An anonymous troll from Jamaica, Queens, she earned her name for dressing up in a Barney the purple dinosaur costume and harassing people on the streets of New York.

Crackhead Barney’s performative antics were so over the top that she should seriously consider running for Congress as a Democrat because she’d fit right in.

Chris Donaldson


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