Biden team rejects NY Times call to step down, lashes out at paper over betrayal

President Joe Biden’s team reacted angrily after the New York Times called for him to end his reelection campaign following Thursday’s debate catastrophe.

The geriatric leader’s bumbling performance on the big stage showed the entire nation that the so-called “cheap fakes” were another left-wing hoax and that Biden may actually be the senile figure that his critics have portrayed him to be, prompting a media frenzy to save their tattered reputations.

On Friday, the nation’s most influential newspaper’s editorial board was the first major outlet to call for Biden to leave the race, calling his continued candidacy a “reckless gamble” and acknowledging that he’s a “shadow of a great public servant” he used to be.

“The last time Joe Biden lost the New York Times editorial board’s endorsement it turned out pretty well for him,” said Biden campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond, rejecting the paper’s call “to serve his country” by stepping aside before he gets shellacked by former President Donald J. Trump.

Richmond was referring to the paper’s endorsement of Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) in the 2020 Democrat primary. The Times did endorse Biden in the presidential election against Trump.

“President Biden has repeatedly and rightfully described the stakes in this November’s presidential election as nothing less than the future of American democracy,” the editorial board began in the Friday column that sent shockwaves through the political world.

“Mr. Biden has said that he is the candidate with the best chance of taking on this threat of tyranny and defeating it. His argument rests largely on the fact that he beat Mr. Trump in 2020,” the editors continued. “That is no longer a sufficient rationale for why Mr. Biden should be the Democratic nominee this year.”

“Mr. Biden is not the man he was four years ago,” the board acknowledged. “It should be remembered that Mr. Biden challenged Mr. Trump to this verbal duel. He set the rules, and he insisted on a date months earlier than any previous general election debate.”

“He understood that he needed to address longstanding public concerns about his mental acuity and that he needed to do so as soon as possible,” the board wrote. “The truth Mr. Biden needs to confront now is that he failed his own test.”

Biden bounced back from the dumpster fire in Atlanta with a fiery rant to supporters in the battleground state of North Carolina on Friday, telling them that he’s “not a young man, to state the obvious.”

“I don’t debate as well as I used to, but I know what I do know: I know how to tell the truth,” Biden added. “I know right from wrong. And I know how to do this job.”

Chris Donaldson


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