Jill Biden’s jilted ex-hubby: First lady ‘keeping’ Biden in race even though he’s ‘struggling’

First lady Jill Biden’s insistence on propping up her second husband found her taking heat over her ambitions from her ex: “People say she’s the one who wants to be president now.”

Democratic Party insiders and corporate media supporters arrived at an impasse Thursday night when they were forced to address the long-ignored reality of President Joe Biden’s waning mental acumen. The reality of his disastrous debate performance hadn’t stopped his closest ally, his wife, from maintaining the seeming charade — a point her previous spouse, Bill Stevenson, tore into as “one of the few people outside” the family familiar with the incumbent for decades.

“The Dr. Jill Biden who I’ve seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way,” he expressed in an interview with the New York Post on Saturday. “She’s matriculated into a completely different woman.”

Stevenson, an outspoken supporter of former President Donald Trump, had been married to the current first lady from 1970 to 1975 and believed that she had been having an affair with Biden before their own relationship had ended.

His familiarity with Biden, dating as far back as the Democrat’s initial Senate campaign in 1972 when he’d claimed the candidate had passed off an anecdote about prep school days as though it were a personal experience mere hours after Stevenson had recounted the tale, left him puzzled at the first lady’s persistence.

“I just don’t understand why she is so adamant about defending him and keeping him in the race since it appears that he’s struggling. It appears that he’s struggling with everybody these days,” he told the Post. “I’ve been proud of her at certain moments. I have no hard feelings…I’m just surprised to see her front and center in the middle of this battle after flying under the radar for so many years. She’s always been very driven. People say she’s the one who wants to be president now.”

The lengths Jill Biden was willing to go to were on full display following the debate when she appeared to pander to the octogenarian as though he were a fussy child who’d eaten all his vegetables without complaining for a change.

“You did a great job, Joe!” she declared on a stage in front of supporters. “You answered every question. You knew all the facts.”

She wasn’t the only Biden inducing cringe, as Stevenson told the Post how the president’s repeated claims of Trump being a liar irked him to no end.

“It makes me cringe every time he calls Trump a liar because I’m telling you right now, there is no better liar than President Biden,” he said.

“He’s just a bad person. I’m probably one of the few people outside his family who has known him for 50 years,” added the first lady’s first husband.

Meanwhile, as the president’s performance sparked a new debate as to whether or not it was time for him to step aside, journalist Adam Housely took to X to further speculation that it was Jill Biden’s ambition, not necessarily the incumbent’s, keeping the campaign alive.

“I reported a loooooong time ago here that the First Lady didn’t want to leave and they’ve been negotiating and trying for 2 years and that my friends within the DNC said Kamala wants to be next, but they don’t want her to be next,” he wrote. “When I reported that I was called a Trumper. Shocking..I know. Fact is…it is and was..all true.”

Specifically addressing Biden’s decline, Stevenson added to the Post, “Look, I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist but yeah, I felt he lost a step three or four years ago. Now I think it’s more like a couple of steps. Do I feel badly for him? No, because he did some horrible things to me and my family.”

Kevin Haggerty


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