Biden Transportation Dept. training says non-whites, women, non-citizens are all ‘oppressed’ in U.S.

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Employee training from the Department of Transportation claims that non-whites, non-citizens, and women are all “oppressed” in the U.S., according to materials seen by Fox News.

The outlet reported that the materials, which were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, show that Transporation Department staffers are pressed to transform the federal agency into an “anti-racist multicultural organization,” and as such are provided materials and charts to assist in quantifying their status as “agents” of “privileged groups” or whether they are supposedly “targets” within “oppressed groups.”

“How do we measure success in diversity work?” one slide queries staffers. “How do we measure success in equity work?”

“None of us asked for this. None of us are responsible for the past; but all of us are responsible for how we show up in the present and for our part in creating the future,” the training further states. “Even as we talk about racial equity, racism is playing out.”

It’s not clear if the new training was introduced under Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg or if it was developed before he was confirmed early in President Biden’s term. That said, Fox News reported that the training session took place on May 3 of this year.

The training slides go on to describe various concepts including “individual racism,” “institutional racism” and “structural racism.” The materials include charts and a continuum and give examples of alleged oppressors and oppression to include “non-citizens” who are targeted by “citizens” through “nationalism,” Fox News reported.

The charts included in the materials also claim that “cisgender men” are oppressors of “cisgender women,” “Trans*” and “intersex” people through sexism, adding that “middle-aged” people also act as oppressors of “youth and elders” through “ageism.”

In addition, the Transportation training warns that merely choosing to be prejudiced or racist is not good enough: “Attempting to suppress or deny biased thoughts can actually increase bias action rather than eradicate it.”

Other federal agencies under Biden have adopted similar ‘woke’ policies, including the Department of the Interior.

Secretary Deb Haaland announced last month she is establishing a formal “process to review and replace” so-called “derogatory” names from federal lands.

In a press release, Haaland, a Native American and former Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico, noted that terms like “squaw” are unacceptable while adding that she ordered the Board on Geographic Names, the federal entity in charge of naming geographic places, to put in place changes that would remove use of the term on federal lands.

“Racist terms have no place in our vernacular or on our federal lands. Our nation’s lands and waters should be places to celebrate the outdoors and our shared cultural heritage – not to perpetuate the legacies of oppression,” said Haaland.

“Today’s actions will accelerate an important process to reconcile derogatory place names and mark a significant step in honoring the ancestors who have stewarded our lands since time immemorial,” she added.

The press release added:

The Advisory Committee on Reconciliation in Place Names will include representation from Indian Tribes, Tribal and Native Hawaiian organizations, civil rights, anthropology, and history experts, and members of the general public. It will establish a process to solicit and assist with proposals to the Secretary to change derogatory names, and will include engagement with Tribes, state and local governments, and the public.

Jon Dougherty


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