Pulling the plug: New York Times editorial board calls for Biden to drop out

The New York Times editorial board has called for President Joe Biden to end his reelection campaign in the aftermath of the geriatric Democrat’s CNN debate fiasco.

The debate was such a wake-up call for the normies who saw the real version of the 81-year-old that they had been told was a right-wing lie that the media now has little choice but to tell the truth with their own already waning credibility on the line.

Calling his candidacy a “reckless gamble” and describing him “as the “shadow of a great public servant” that he once was, the nation’s most high-profile newspaper implored Biden to quit now “to serve his country.”

“President Biden has repeatedly and rightfully described the stakes in this November’s presidential election as nothing less than the future of American democracy,” the editorial board began in its piece that hit like a bombshell on Friday evening.

“Mr. Biden has said that he is the candidate with the best chance of taking on this threat of tyranny and defeating it. His argument rests largely on the fact that he beat Mr. Trump in 2020,” the board continued. “That is no longer a sufficient rationale for why Mr. Biden should be the Democratic nominee this year.”

“Mr. Biden is not the man he was four years ago,” the editors admitted, before delivering a haymaker to the reeling Biden.

“It should be remembered that Mr. Biden challenged Mr. Trump to this verbal duel. He set the rules, and he insisted on a date months earlier than any previous general election debate. He understood that he needed to address longstanding public concerns about his mental acuity and that he needed to do so as soon as possible,” the board wrote. “The truth Mr. Biden needs to confront now is that he failed his own test.”

“It’s too big a bet to simply hope Americans will overlook or discount Mr. Biden’s age and infirmity that they see with their own eyes,” the board added.

After years of slavish support, the once-venerable paper’s top columnists also broke out the knives.

Thomas Friedman said that Biden’s performance drove him to actual weeping while sitting alone in a hotel room in Lisbon.

“I cannot remember a more heartbreaking moment in American presidential campaign politics in my lifetime, precisely because of what it revealed: Joe Biden, a good man and a good president, has no business running for re-election,” he wrote.

“The Biden family and political team must gather quickly and have the hardest of conversations with the president, a conversation of love and clarity and resolve. To give America the greatest shot possible of deterring the Trump threat in November, the president has to come forward and declare that he will not be running for re-election and is releasing all of his delegates for the Democratic National Convention,” he added.

The author of “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” also threw VP Kamala Harris – who in a normal situation, would be the heir apparent – under the bus.

“If Vice President Kamala Harris wants to compete, she should. But voters deserve an open process in search of a Democratic presidential nominee who can unite not only the party but also the country,” he wrote, finishing off his screed with a dagger, “If he insists on running and he loses to Trump, Biden and his family — and his staff and party members who enabled him — will not be able to show their faces.”

The stunning twist in the 2024 contest brought a strong reaction from X users.

One of the most provocative takes came courtesy of Outkick founder and nationally syndicated talk radio host Clay Travis who likened Biden’s debate catastrophe to a plotline from the television series “House of Cards” which celebrated the amorality of Washington, D.C.

“In a ‘House of Cards’ episode they would have gotten Joe Biden to stage the earliest debate ever, given him placebo shots instead of energy shots to set him up to fail in the debate and then the NYT editorial board withdrawal column would have been the official code red for the rest of the party to get on board with his removal,” Travis wrote.

“And Obama would have sent out his exact tweet so he looked like the good guy knowing that the NYT editorial nut cutting was coming. Enter Michelle, the black woman democrats actually like, to replace Kamala after being begged to save the country from Trump, at the convention in her hometown of Chicago. I’m just saying. This is how the script would be written,” he added.

“Mr. Biden answered an urgent question on Thursday night. It was not the answer that he and his supporters were hoping for. But if the risk of a second Trump term is as great as he says it is — and we agree with him that the danger is enormous — then his dedication to this country leaves him and his party only one choice,” the board said, urging the feeble leader to give way to a yet to be named replacement who it hopes will be able to defeat Trump.

Biden is refusing to drop out but the New York Times could trigger similar calls from other media outlets looking to forcibly shove him into retirement.

Chris Donaldson


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