Biden’s motorcade changes route after hecklers boo Biden

The Secret Service was forced to change course in President Joe Biden’s motorcade due to protests and hecklers along the route in Nantucket where the Biden family was visiting.

A potential disaster was averted as Biden was reportedly protected from his non-adoring fans, with the Secret Service rerouting the presidential motorcade into town to avoid having to pass by the protestors who were protesting the war in Gaza.

Video posted on social media showed the president and members of the first family shopping in Nantucket over the weekend while staying at David Rubenstein’s $34 million home on Abrams Point.

Protestors gathered with signs saying ‘Free Palestine’ while others could be heard shouting “shame on you ” at the president.

“Biden, Biden you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide,” a group chanted.

“Protesters were kept about six blocks from President Biden,” the Daily Mail reported. “Biden’s motorcade even took a different route into town – one that avoided driving past a group of protestors gathered on the side of the road.”

The town’s annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was attended by some protesters who chanted at Biden and unveiled their pro-Palestine signs. Reportedly, there were supporters of the president who drowned out the demonstrators.



Frieda Powers


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