Bill Maher joins Gutfeld! show and the two comedians have it out about Trump

For all of Bill Maher’s willingness to break ranks with Democrats by harshly criticizing the extremist elements of the party, he’s still suffering from an irrational phobia about former President Donald J. Trump.

The old-school liberal comic is promoting his new book titled “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You” and appeared on Monday’s edition of “Gutfeld!” where he engaged in a lively conversation with Fox News funnyman Greg Gutfeld.

While the two comedians were surprisingly in agreement on many things, including Joe Biden’s shameful racist rant to graduating black students, Maher just can’t get past his Trump Derangement Syndrome, an affliction that has devoured the minds of Democrats, especially celebs.

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During an exchange that was on the verge of becoming heated, Maher insisted that Trump won’t simply give up if he loses the election this year and that he doesn’t concede, an obvious distortion of reality because the presumptive GOP nominee voluntarily left Washington, D.C. in January 2021 before Biden took over.

Acknowledging that while the two might “agree on some things,” they’re not “exactly aligned on the most important thing.”

“Which is basically Trump is someone who does not concede elections, that’s the most important thing,” Maher claimed. “You don’t seem to see it that way. That’s the most important thing that’s going on in this country. He didn’t concede the last election, he’s not going to concede this election.”

“You don’t know that,” Gutfeld shot back. “You don’t see into the future, Bill. I don’t see your crystal ball.”

“Yeah, I did,” Maher responded. “Because I was the only one who was talking about that way back when, and everybody said, ‘Oh, you smoke too much pot.’ Turned out I smoked just the right amount of pot.”

“Can you really picture this guy going, ‘You know what, I lost. That’s it,'” Maher added.

“He did,” Gutfeld pointed out. “He left.”

“He left because he had to leave,” Maher said, effectively undermining his own argument as the two briefly squabbled before Dr. Drew steered the conversation back on track.

Maher also opined that Biden’s race-baiting speech at Morehouse College, an HBCU in Atlanta, over the weekend wasn’t in line with today’s times when despite what the geriatric Democrat told graduates, sometimes there is an advantage in having darker skin color in DEI-infatuated America.

(Video: Fox News)

“That speech would have made sense some years ago,” Maher said. “I think we should acknowledge that racism still persists… but we’re not in the past. I always keep saying, ‘Let’s live in the year we’re living in.’ We’re not living in the year where you have to be ten times better to succeed if you’re a person of color. And in some instances, it’s an advantage.”

“Some of the smartest commentary about what’s happening in America is coming from a comedian—this comedian being Bill Maher. If you want to understand what’s wrong with this country, it turns out that one of the best informed and most thought-provoking analysts is this very funny pothead,” reads the Amazon description of Maher’s book, which hit bookshelves on Tuesday.

Chris Donaldson


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