Bill Maher tells Biden to ‘let his Old Fart flag fly,’ says POTUS walks ‘like a toddler with a full diaper’

The State of the Union address is just four days away, and HBO’s “Real Time” host, Bill Maher, has some advice for President Biden: “Let your Old Fart flag fly.”

The snarky comedian delivered a brutally honest monologue on Friday, in which he urged the octogenarian to “lean into” his advancing age.

“Instead of trying to refute all the too-old-to-be-president slams, Joe must embrace them,” Maher stated. “Stop with the ‘I’m sharper than ever.’ Nobody’s buying that.”

“Don’t try to deny the age thing; lean into it,” he stressed. “Lean in, lean in like you’re eating soup and just admit it.”

“Say, ‘Yes, I’m bad with names and I walk like a toddler with a full diaper,” he told the president, “but I believe in Democracy.”

According to Maher, the Democrats have a history of “letting the opposition intimidate you into being defensive about who you really are.”

As examples, he pointed to former senator John Kerry posing as a duck hunter for the cameras and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “carrying hot sauce in her purse.”

“Americans hate that sh*t,” he said. “Be yourself.”

“And Joe,” Maher added, “‘yourself’ is old. That’s who you are: Old.”

“You once fell down the stairs at the Underground Railroad,” he joked. “You’re so old, your ‘bad kid with a drug problem’ is 54.”

“No one cares if you can ride a bike,” Maher noted, “and trying to do stuff like that is only setting yourself up for failure.”

The president, he continued, should also get off TikTok.

As BizPac Review reported, after signing into law in 2022 legislation that banned the app from most federal devices, the Biden campaign joined TikTok on Super Bowl Sunday in an attempt to pull in younger voters.

The debut video featured Biden in casual garb looking a lot like the “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man” Special Counsel Robert Hur described in his damning report. The president gave snappy answers to mostly Super Bowl questions such as “Game or halftime show?”

“Get off that right now,” Maher instructed Biden. “It’s inauthentic and it won’t work.”

“You’re not following the demographics,” he said. “In 2020, a record number of eligible voters under 24 came out — as gay. But came out to vote? Not so much. Less than half. But almost 72% of people over 65 voted.”

“Those are your people, Joe,” Maher stated. “The ‘Matlock’ crowd. Reach out to them.”

“So next Thursday, when the president delivers the State of the Union, I say he should let his Old Fart flag fly,” he said before imagining what such a strategy would look like.

In a biting skit, Maher, playing the president, shuffles into a joint session of the United States Congress with a walker he’s dubbed “Walker One.”

“Mr. Speaker, Madame Webb, members of Congress, my fellow denture wearers, and all the folks gathered around the radio,” he began, “I come here tonight to report that the state of our union is regular! And to ask one question: What are you all doing here in Scranton?”

He recalled a “stickball” game with “Corn Pop” during which he went to fetch the ball in a back alley and “walked right into an abortion.”

He went on to call his wife by the wrong name and discuss the “poor gay Jew” who “had to marry a woman” in the movie “Maestro.”

“We need a president who can stand up to Russia and say to its current president, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, get off my lawn,'” President Maher told his imagined lawmakers.

On X, reactions to Maher’s truth bomb was mixed.

Democrats were predictably upset that he dared to point out the obvious.

“History will not be kind to you,” one angry user cautioned the comedian.

“What is old is you having republicans on your show who are racists bigots!” exclaimed another.

“He’s still better than Trump,” whined another. “You’d think you would know that.”

Others found the flaw in Maher’s advice.

“What good is all of Biden’s experience if he can’t remember it?” asked one user.

But most pointed out the real problem with Biden: It’s not his age, it’s his “cognitive awareness.”

“Ain’t nobody complaining about his age; we are complaining about his addresses to media with words like ‘thesdrxazyhutre’s,’ or forgetting his topic & having huge gaffs in speech, getting lost in a room & having to find his way,” one user told Maher.

“And finally,” the user added, “his emotional instability [is] seen as he whispers gently then screams and yells angrily—it’s his cognitive awareness.”

Melissa Fine


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