Crowd turns on pro-Palestinian activist who disrupts Jill Biden at ‘Women for Biden-Harris’ kickoff

The first lady felt the brunt of Hamas sympathy Saturday when a stump speech was repeatedly shouted down by “very ashamed” voters.

Kicking off Women’s History Month included a kickoff of the “Women for Biden-Harris” tour for first lady Jill Biden who headed to Tucson, Arizona with the intent to demonize Republicans for opposing abortion.

However, Biden had barely begun to speak when the first of four protesters stood to berate the administration for not demanding Israel end their counteroffensive to the Oct. 7 terror attacks.

“Jill, when are you and the president going to call for a ceasefire in Gaza?” one woman could be heard shouting as attendees immediately began to grab at her, pulling the protester down as security rushed in to escort her away.

“This is a genocide being committed with our tax dollars!” another cried out as she was pulled toward the aisle. “Women and girls that matter!”

“It’s a genocide, Jill!” another yelled while the protesters repeated the figure of 30,000 casualties generated by Gaza’s Health Ministry.

As the disruptions took place, Biden lamented to those gathered in support, “I’m sorry to have to come and go so quickly.”

“Wind storms in Nevada are impacting my travel,” she explained.

The first lady wasn’t alone in getting heckled as Vice President Kamala Harris’ sister Maya Harris, faced microphone and megaphone toting chanters issuing forth tired rhymes like, “Harris. Harris. You can’t hide. We charge you with genocide,” while wearing a t-shirt that said “Party for Socialism and Liberation.”

While the Islamic extremists have yet to release remaining hostages taken nearly five months earlier amid the savage assault in southern Israel, the push for a ceasefire had ramped up ahead of the holy month of Ramadan set to begin March 10.

As such, another global day of protests was orchestrated pushing anti-Israel sentiment in cities across the United States Saturday.

However, only days after President Joe Biden had made a New York City ice cream parlor the backdrop to express that he hoped a ceasefire would be reached by Monday, an anonymous White House official had indicated to the Associated Press that Israel had agreed to the framework of a proposal and it was up to the terrorists to agree to the terms.

“Right now, the ball is in the court of Hamas and we are continuing to push this as hard as we possible can,” the official said.

That reality didn’t stop one of the protesters, identified as 34-year-old Kaliana Venet of Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance, from asserting the first lady had it coming.

“When you’re talking about women’s issues, when you’re talking about women in office, and women in Gaza are having C-sections without anesthesia, watching their children pulled out of the rubble, starving to death…it’s absolutely shameful,” she told NBC News. “She should have seen it coming.”

Venet added that she was “very ashamed” of having voted for Biden in 2020.

Kevin Haggerty


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