Bird poop on Biden ‘debunked’ by White House, jokes write themselves

President Joe Biden ignited social media mockery on Tuesday with what many saw as a visual metaphor for his presidency.

Speaking on inflation and how his administration is supposedly working to lower prices for Americans, the president delivered remarks from a barn in Menlo, Iowa.

“I’m here today to talk about what we’re doing to lower costs for American families and put rural America at the center of our efforts to build a future that’s made in America,” the president said.

“That’s not hyperbole!” Biden added.

In the midst of the speech, viewers began speculating that a bird overhead must have pooped on the left side of Biden’s jacket.

“Even the birds know. Apparently a bird just sh*t on Biden in Iowa,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. “That bird speaks for anyone who’s filled their tank or gone shopping in the last 18 months.”

Others joined in as well, mocking the president for the visual representation of the state of the country.

“[That feeling when] you’ve caused the worst inflation in decades and then a bird poops on you,” Heritage Foundation’s communications director John Cooper tweeted.

Former acting Director of the United States National Intelligence, Richard Grenell called it a “Poopin Price Hike.”

“When even birds know your lies about inflation are full of it,” tweeted GOP rapid response director Tommy Pigott.

“#Bidenflation explained by a bird.” Claremont Institute communications director Nick Short wrote among others joining in the mockery.

But White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield jumped in to clarify that it was actually just corn.

Bloomberg White House correspondent Justin Sink also seemed to back up the corn theory, tweeting that “it was bits of corn flying around from the corn silo; the event was indoors.”

But the explanations did not dampen the fires online as videos of the moment went viral.

“Apparently birds are also not supportive of Biden’s latest gimmick to distract from the damage of his bad policies,” GOP communicator Matt Whitlock tweeted.

Frieda Powers


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