Black gun owners come after Joy Behar after ‘ridiculous’ claim gun laws will change ‘once black people get guns’

African American gun owners have had it with Joy Behar’s “ridiculous” race-baiting statements and are pushing back hard on her recent claim that lax gun laws would quickly change “once black people get guns in this country.”

As American Wire reported, The View co-host made the ludicrous statement in response to a debate on AR-15 ownership.

“Let me say one more thing,” the visibly frustrated and frustratingly ignorant Behar said. “Okay. Here’s the thing. Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”


“What she really shows is her, you know, utter lack of history of her own party’s racist heritage and trying to disarm not just all Americans, but particularly African Americans,” Oklahoma GOP candidate for the Senate, T.W. Shannon, told Fox News Digital. “We know that a big part of the NRA movement was to arm African Americans, to protect them from the Democrats that made up the KKK. So I think Joy Behar really owes an apology to African-Americans for this incendiary comment.”

While Behar’s knowledge of history may be lacking, so, too, is her awareness of current events.

Gun sales to African Americans have jumped a whopping 58% according to a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSFF) retailer survey.

In fact, American Wire reported that more minorities of all ethnicities are buying firearms, with sales among Hispanic Americans rising 49%, and gun sales to Asian Americans increasing by 43%.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) dismissed Behar’s comments as clickbait.

“I think Joy Behar is just ridiculous,” Donalds told Fox News Digital. “I think her comments are stupid. They’re just meant to sensationalize and get clicks.”

“Nobody’s changing gun laws if black people start owning guns,” he continued. “The truth of the matter is a lot of black people already own guns, and they’re buying more guns because that’s what’s actually helping them feel safe in their communities, because there’s this radical ideology from the left about police in America is not doing the job.”

Surprisingly, even some liberals were appalled by Behar’s remarks.

Lara Smith, a spokesperson for The Liberal Gun Club, called them “racist.”

“The idea that black people haven’t and don’t own firearms is both ignorant and racist,” she said, adding that “most if not all gun control tends to be racially motivated.”

Black Guns Matter President Maj Toure echoed Smith’s sentiments in a video response posted on Instagram, calling Behar’s comments “not only incorrect, but racially motivated.”


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“It’s race-based, and it’s completely insensitive and disgusting,” he said. “Gun control in America was started to stop black people from having the means to defend their life.”

“Black gun ownership and the struggle for civil rights has gone hand-in-hand,” Cam Edwards, editor of Bearing Arms, told Fox News Digital, “and I find it both appallingly ignorant of history and grossly bigoted for Behar to assert that a rise in black gun ownership will lead to more support for gun control.”

“Maybe that’s true in her social circles,” he added, “but it’s certainly not the case among my gun-owning friends and neighbors.”

Donalds took aim at the liberal media’s one-sided coverage of the raging gun control debate.

“They don’t reflect a viewpoint that’s largely held in urban corridors where gun ownership is taboo… And so I think what we have really found in this whole scenario is the media does a terrible job actually covering it, because their worldview with respect to gun ownership is not ‘in the mainstream,'” he said.

Shannon, who headed Black Voices for Trump in 2020, vows he will not give “an inch” should he be elected to replace retiring Republican Senator James Inhofe.

“There is a reason that our Constitution recognizes and guarantees the right to bear arms,” he said. “It is not for hunting. It is to protect your family from an encroaching government and from people who would want to do you harm.”

“That is the reason that right exists,” Shannon stated. “And it doesn’t come from the government. The right to bear arms is a God-given right, guaranteed by the Constitution.”


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