Black UCLA student who confronted anti-Israel ‘White libs’ speaks out: ‘They physically assaulted me’

A black UCLA student whose confrontation with anti-Israel protesters went viral on social media said that he was assaulted by the troublemakers who blocked him from the campus library.

Milagro Jones who tried to walk through the pro-Palestine encampment before police broke it up engaged in an exchange with the leftists who trashed the campus which they left strewn with garbage.

In his viral video, Jones flipped the script on the ‘White libs’ who were “cosplaying as the oppressed” in the video that has exploded across TikTok and X, and he discussed the experience with Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer on Friday’s edition of “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News.

(Video: Fox News)

“I was stopped by masked, anti-Israel protesters who mistook me for someone of Jewish background,” Jones said.”They said I was an Israeli agitator. They physically assaulted me on Friday. The last time that I was on campus, they actually punched my brother in the head. They reached into their hoodie pocket and claimed that they had a weapon.”

“I just wanted to free my campus from these people,” the UCLA student added. “I wanted to give my other students an opportunity to be able to access the campus without segregation, without people telling us that we can’t go to the library, and I just want to see a safe, beautiful campus where we can all learn, and we can all come together for positivity, for education.”

Jones’ confrontation with the COVID-masked campus commies has brought him newfound fame as one of many students who are pushing back against the left-wing activists who are menacing fellow students and presenting university officials with an unrealistic list of demands, including divesting from Israel over the war on Hamas in Gaza.

In one video, he accused the anti-Israel agitators who blocked him of engaging in racial discrimination against a black man.

“You as a white man are asking a African-American student to leave a public area at UCLA campus,” that’s called racial discrimination, and that’s a violation of the Civil Rights Act, he said.

School officials canceled classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to security concerns over the protest, one of many evidently coordinated demonstrations that are taking place across the nation.

“These violent protesters would not allow us to have freedom on this campus,” Jones told Perino and Hemmer. “For now, my classes are canceled today. I’m hoping that sometime next week or very soon we can get back to normalcy on this campus. Really, it’s about graduation time for a lot of students, and this is where we take grad photos, too.”

“So you can see the graffiti and everything. It’s just defaced the campus, damaged property, they left a lot of mess behind, tents and plywood, and all types of things that other people had to clean up,” he added, referring to the protesters leaving a pig sty in their wake.

Chris Donaldson


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