BLM activist says Atlanta, entire nation are ‘lucky’ violence is not worse

You feeling lucky, America?

You should be, according to a self-described “Black, lesbian, feminist, mother and Field Secretary on the field team for the Movement for Black Lives.”

Atlanta BLM activist Mary Hooks said the city of Atlanta — indeed, the entire nation — is “lucky” there haven’t been a lot more fires started in the name of social justice.

Following the arrest of John Robert Mazurek, who allegedly lit up eight police motorcycles last summer in protest of a planned police and firefighter training facility known as “Cop City,” Hooks was asked if she condemns acts of arson.

A member of Vote to Stop Cop City, “a group of local, statewide, and regional organizations and individuals who are united in opposition to Cop City,” Hooks replied, “Hell no!”

“Not at all,” she stated. “And if I’m being honest with you, Atlanta deserves more than that.”

“Real talk,” she continued. “This city is lucky, this country is lucky. Atlanta has its hands in literally murdering Palestinians right now. You think we give a damn about some equipment? Not at all. Not at all.”

Despite all her blustering bravado, Hooks went on to explain that she can’t personally “risk” setting other people’s belongings on fire, but to “those who can, bless them.”

“I cannot take that risk,” she shouted, waggling her finger at the reporter. “But Lord knows I’ll sit with my lighter and be like, ‘Damn!'”

On X, many believe the “domestic terrorist” should be arrested for inciting violence.

“SO she is now officially on the homeland security terrorist watch list now, riiiiight?” one user asked.

“Who is funding these groups?” another wanted to know.

“They won’t ever be happy until most of the US cities look like Haiti,” stated a third.

She’s a “Marxist revolutionary,” a fourth declared.

Perhaps more disturbing than Hooks’ violent fantasies is the left’s response to it.

“That’s a woman with a strong back bone right there, all power to her and she’s not wrong, governments cannot continue to ignore the people who put them in position of power and strip us of our democratic process,” praised one X user who added, “it won’t create submission it will create chaos.”

“Can we please replace Biden with this woman,” pleaded another.

“Sending her love,” gushed a third.

Many, however, dismissed Hooks’ rant as predictable and boring.

“Of course BLM was outted as a discredited, violent, and racist group quite a while ago, so not too unexpected…” noted one user.

“Always the same people spewing the same crap,” said another.

“BLM activist = Grifter,” a third stated. “Nobody cares anymore. Get some new material.”

Melissa Fine


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