‘Is he still a Dreamer?’ Illegal immigrant, 15, who shot female tourist in Times Square arrested

The arrest of a teen suspected in a Times Square shooting led many to conclude, “The US government is importing criminals, not ‘asylum seekers.'”

(Video: WABC)

Less than two weeks after a mob of illegal aliens was seen assaulting members of New York’s finest in the heart of the Big Apple, the heavily trafficked locale once again became a crime scene. This time a Brazilian tourist was caught in the crossfire when a suspect, said to be a 15-year-old illegal alien from Venezuela allegedly pulled a gun on a security guard and then NYPD officers while shoplifting Thursday.

Friday, police tracked Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, the teen being charged as an adult, to a house in Yonkers after he and his mother had fled the Stratford Hotel on West 70th Street where they were staying on the taxpayer’s dime.

Initially, police had offered a $13,500 reward for any information regarding the alien who was arraigned Saturday and charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, assault and attempted assault.

“Much of the incident is captured on extremely clear surveillance video, from which he was easily identified,” the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said as prosecutors requested the Manhattan Criminal Court judge place the suspect in jail without bail due to “significant ties out of the United States.”

“Based on all of this,” the prosecution asserted identifying Rivas-Figueroa as an “extreme flight risk,” “it’s clear that he is facing a significant sentence of incarceration on this serious case and can not be trusted to return to court.”

Speaking to the press, Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry stated, “He believed that he could try to kill a New York City police officer. That’s what he tried to do. He tried to kill a New York City police officer.”

Meanwhile, as New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) instituted a curfew as part of an effort to combat the lawlessness impacting neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs thanks to the sanctuary policies, reactions on social media were both sarcastic and serious in response to the degradation of national security.

“I’ve been saying this for months now: Venezuelan criminals are ruthless & vile,” wrote one Venezuelan-born user. “The Venezuelan government kicked them out and sent them here. Everyone knows that back in my home country. The US government is importing criminals, not ‘asylum seekers.'”

Likewise, contributing editor for The Spectator Stephen L. Miller sounded off, “Police being assaulted. Tourists being shot. Stores being looted. New York City really does feel like it’s taken a hard turn for the worse. Feels like this problem is only going to grow bigger. Anyway, send more please.”

Others raised concern over the potential the teen may have been attending school in New York while more still mocked how those with flagrant disregard for the law cannot be deterred by imposing more laws.

Kevin Haggerty


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