Blue city mayor cuts $8 million from police budget to take care of illegals

Feeling the border crisis squeeze, yet another leftist city appeared to turn its back on the blue to fund foreign nationals — to the tune of millions.

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As far as getting the point across, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) busing scheme has continued to pay off in revealing how unsustainable it is to roll out the globalist welcome mat. Despite New York City garnering much of the attention for Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) radical responses to the illegal alien influx, cities like Denver, Colorado acted similarly.

This included a massive reallocation of funds and slashes to public services as Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D) announced an additional nearly $46 million package toward supporting the “newcomers” in the Mile High City after having already funneled $44 million from the budget.

In particular, 9News indicated that the cuts included slashing over $8.4 million from the police department, $5 million of which would have gone toward hiring.

“After more than a year of facing this crisis together, Denver finally has a sustainable plan for treating our newcomers with dignity while avoiding the worst cuts to city services,” claimed Johnston who touted the Denver Asylum Seekers Program last week.

“So many times we were told that we couldn’t be compassionate while still being fiscally responsible,” the mayor’s statement continued. “Today is proof that our hardest challenges are still solvable, and that together we are the ones who will solve them.”

The rosy depiction of the cuts that would also take around $2.5 million from Denver’s Fire Department and nearly $4 million from the sheriff’s office wasn’t mutually agreed upon at a Tuesday City Council Finance Committee meeting described as a sellout with heads of many of the city’s departments in attendance.

“It is a veritable who’s-who of Denver in here right now,” said committee chair, Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer.

“I don’t think it is fair to our residents that we are reducing our services to them when there is an opportunity for us to be doing better making up some of those dollars in other ways,” she contended, “and we’re not.”

Still, in a statement to media outlets, Johnston spokesperson Jordan Fuja downplayed the budget cuts and said, “The City of Denver’s adjustment to the Denver Police Department’s budget was carefully crafted with safety leaders and Mayor Johnston to ensure there would be no impact to the department’s public services. And no officers will be taken off the streets.”

“To say that Denver is ‘defunding the police’ is a willful mischaracterization of the budget adjustments, which actually just delays the purchase of new furniture and shifts the funding source for one cadet class,” she added. “In fact, Mayor Johnston has invested millions to add 167 new police recruits to our force in 2024 and will continue to invest in public safety to ensure every Denverite is safe in their city.”

As it happened, the hit to the police budget amounted to 1.9% of their total funding and 9News specified that alternative means were being taken to find funds. This included having the Denver International Airport cover costs for a recruiting class as they contract with the department.

Meanwhile, when asked what would be affected at Tuesday’s meeting, Stephanie Adams of the Denver Department of Finance said, “I do think it would be inaccurate to say it’s not impacting anything. We really try to mitigate the direct impact to services.”

Previously, it had been reported that in some departments, like Denver Parks and Recreation, attempts to balance the budget, short nearly $200 million from supporting the illegal aliens, had left some essentially, but unofficially, laid off as their hours were whittled down to nothing.

Kevin Haggerty


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