Joy Reid says the quiet part out loud, the prosecution of Trump is racist

Other than trumped-up charges, the lawfare cases against former President Donald J. Trump have one thing in common and MSNBC’s Joy Reid is gloating about it.

The vindictive legal persecutions of the presumptive Republican nominee are mostly being led by people of color, specifically three black prosecutors and a black Washington, D.C. judge appointed by America’s first black president Barack Obama, and the “race lady” is overjoyed about the “wonderfully poetic” nature of it.

One of the most toxically and openly racist media figures to ever pollute American airwaves, Reid joined her fellow hosts at the left-wing propaganda network with coverage on the opening day of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s trial of the former president over “hush money” paid to pornographic movie queen Stormy Daniels.

“Donald Trump is at this point outdoing actual mobsters in his attacks on the judge’s family, the daughter,” Reid said, referring to criticism of Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter and her ties to Democrats. “He knows he will never spend a day, a second, a moment in prison.”

“But for me, there is something wonderfully poetic about the fact that, despite the fact that even if convicted, he’s not gonna go to prison, the first person to actually criminally prosecute Donald Trump is a black Harvard grad,” she continued. “The very kind of person that his former staff, the people who worked for him, Stephen Miller, et cetera, want to never be at Harvard Law School but he was, and he came out and graduated and he’s prosecuting you, Donald.”

“And a black woman is doing the same exact thing in Georgia and the black woman forced you to pay $175 million fine that’s now also in question because the people who put it up, that might not be legit,” Reid gushed.

“Donald Trump is being held to account by the very multicultural, multiracial democracy that he’s trying to dismantle, and for me, there’s something poetic and actually wonderful about that,” she said, boasting about the racial nature of the cases that is hiding in plain sight. “It says something good about our country that we’re still capable of having that happen. Go DEI, my DEIs are bringing it home.”

In addition to Bragg, there is also New York Attorney General Letitia James who desperately wants to steal Trump’s properties, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and Judge Tanya Chutkan who will preside over Special Counsel Jack Smith’s January 6 case if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule that Trump has immunity from the charges.

MSNBC’s house racist previously gloated about Judge Chutkan’s skin color.

“The judge he will be facing in the trial, a Jamaican-born woman of color,” she said at the time.

“He seems to be facing sort of demographic reality, legal reality and you know, situational reality,” Reid said last summer. “He is not ‘President Trump’ the way that he pretends to be when he’s on the campaign trail, he’s just Donald Trump. And that is what we intend our presidents to become again. After you’re president, you’re not ‘President Trump’ anymore, you’re just Donald Trump and today he is just Donald Trump.”

Chris Donaldson


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