Blue Lives Matter leader lays out grim reality for New Yorkers with ‘tone-deaf’ Hochul at the helm

Thanks to the city’s cashless bail policy, crime in New York has spiraled out of control, with example after tragic example of someone getting assaulted by a thug with a violent rap sheet who should have never been on the streets to begin with.

And now that liberal Governor Kathy Hochul has managed to squeak out a victory against Republican Lee Zeldin, the founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC says nothing is likely to change any time soon.

(Video: Fox News)

Appearing on Friday’s “Fox & Friends,” Joseph Imperatrice tore into Hochul’s “Less Is More Act” and the criminal justice so-called “reforms” that have created a “revolving door” for criminals.

“It’s terrible because it’s cashless bail that’s emptying our prison systems,” Imperatrice said. “It doesn’t work.”

After viewing clips of recent city crimes, the active NYPD Seargeant said, “People like this — Some people just don’t play nice in society. But you cannot continue to let them out on the streets to make other people victims and feel scared every single day that they wake up.”

Zeldin made crime in New York the centerpiece of his campaign, forcing Hochul to defend her approach, even to an MSNBC anchor who stated, “People don’t feel safe in this town” and “people are worried that we’re going to become San Francisco.”

Hochul famously replied, “We will never be San Francisco,” prompting a response from San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

“At the end of the day, to take what you see online and use that to try and develop some sort of opinion about San Francisco when that’s just seconds of the time versus every single day, is just not a fair assessment,” she said. “If you look at the data, we’re probably pale in comparison to New York.”

“Fox & Friends First” co-host Carley Shimkus asked Imperatrice for his reaction to the exchange.

“These politicians have got to stop talking and actually go out there and say the truth,” he said. “They are always lying.”

“There’s crime going up every single day,” he continued. “In the city of New York, just a couple of days ago, two police-involved shootings. That could have ended terribly for the community and the officers alike.”

“This isn’t right what they are doing to the public,” Imperatrice stated. “Allow them to feel safe. Put police officers on the street. Work with district attorneys to keep bad guys behind bars, and stop lying.”


“This isn’t about Democrat or Republican,” he said. “It’s about what is right and what’s wrong.”

Asked if, given her near loss and the pushback on crime, Hochul may change her ways, Imperatrice was not optimistic.

“No, I think she is tone-deaf,” he said. “I think a lot of politicians are tone-deaf.”

“You heard it from both parties,” he continued. “They’re not listening. Politicians are not listening to what the everyday American or the everyday citizen wants. This is a truth. This is reality. Walk out on the street and you have to look over your shoulder.”

“As a police officer — even off-duty, they’re carrying their firearms, where back in the day they wouldn’t, because they don’t even feel safe,” he explained. “People jumping out of cars and committing robberies at gunpoint. What are we doing? It’s 2022. We should be advancing things. We should be looking for ways of keeping bad guys behind bars, working with technology, but also going back to old-school policing.”

“Use handcuffs, remove the problem from the equation, put the bad guys behind bars, and keep them there,” he said. “When you keep on having this rotating door of this criminal justice system, what do you expect is going to happen? When you have a bad guy on the street and you refuse to eliminate the problem, it’s going to continue.”

“This isn’t about pointing fingers,” Imperatrice stressed. “It’s about getting things done and actually showing the people that we can make these cities much, much safer.”

Melissa Fine


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