Bo Snerdley: Looking back – Looking forward

I wonder how many Americans will be sorry to see the page turned on the year 2021.

The losses have been monumental, profound, and for so many of us deeply personal. It is hard to believe shortly after the New Year begins, we will mark the one-year anniversary of Rush’s graduation into the majesty of eternity.

If one is interested in the pursuit of pessimism – this past year should satisfy that craving. Inflation raised its head in a way we haven’t seen in almost 40 years. In blue cities across this great nation, criminality has flourished, including horrific levels of violence and brazen gang “smash and grabs.” We are in the second year of the covid pandemic which has shattered jobs, micro-economies, and left the education of American youth in tatters.

What has come out of Washington DC is not inspiring – it is rather a reflection of a disconnect with reality. Democrats are insisting that we spend trillions of dollars – money that we as a nation do not have, especially with a 30-plus trillion-dollar national debt already hanging over our financial heads. Thirteen Republicans from the House of Representatives, some of them claiming to be conservatives, threw the Biden administration and the Democrat party a lifeline – voting for the trillion-plus dollar infrastructure bill- which is now law and will provide very little real spending on the infrastructure.

The “culture wars” rage on. While millions of people on earth still scavenge for their daily bread – we in America find ourselves in arguments over how many genders there are, the circumstances under which biologically altered men and women should compete in sports. As usual, those who do not adopt the narrative spread by leftists are tagged as bigots or other slanders. The peddlers of racial discord infest our society with a steady stream of race-based hate for America’s history and people.

Meanwhile, thanks to the policies of the current administration, the southern border is still a mess – with thousands of illegal immigrants brazenly crossing into this country – and being flown in the middle of the night to locations in the lower 48, all in secret.

And- we still have American citizens trapped in Afghanistan – despite the Biden promise to evacuate all of them before he withdrew American forces.

So – what is there to feel optimistic about – as we head into 2022.

First and foremost. America is a blessed nation. From the beginning of our history – even in the worst of times, God has not abandoned this nation. Some of the efforts that we conservatives have undertaken are “generational.” Before 2016 most of us never could have predicted the incredulous events that now have the left panicked that their “sacrament” of Roe versus Wade is in mortal danger of being successfully challenged at the Supreme Court. Even if that is not the outcome of this session of the court – the issue is no longer “settled” as a matter of law. The centuries-old battle to protect: “life,” “liberty,” and the pursuit of happiness is still taking place.

Secondly – the conservative movement is still in its infancy. Rush Limbaugh re-defining conservatism for everyday Americans has taken root. That tree will flourish – and already we are seeing young conservatives take up the mantle. Many of them are activists, and they are not going to be “canceled” nor will they bow down to the collective might of the liberal machinery – including their intolerant and corrupt mainstream media.

Lastly – America is a young country. We have been on earth a relatively short period of time, compared to societies that have risen and fallen over the course of thousands of years. We have become the number one force for good in a world that is still struggling with basic human decency. We are a generous nation – willing to help others in need. We are a good and great people.

In his final year – Rush answered an often-asked question “is it time to panic” by saying it will NEVER be time to panic because we must not ever give up on America.

While I look forward to closing a very painful 2021, I enter 2022 full of optimism and hope. We are all only on this earth for a brief period in time. In comparison to eternity – we have perhaps the time it takes to blink the eye. Yet – we can use our time to help elevate this nation and serve our fellow human beings by doing so. I believe as we all prepare to march into 2022 – that is our mission.

God Bless and protect you and your families and loved ones.
Happy New Year.

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