‘I miss Rush every day’: Personal reflections of the year without America’s legendary voice

By: James Golden aka Bo Snerdley

A year ago, America lost one of the most important voices of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Rush Hudson Limbaugh III not only transformed the talk radio format into a powerful galvanizing force; he became the catalyst for an ongoing realignment in American media.

It is inarguable that the way news and political discourse is delivered in this country changed after Rush successfully demonstrated there was a vast market of underserved people, tens of millions, who were seeking an alternative from the daily narrative put out by the leftist “mainstream” media.

Not a day goes by when someone asks via social media what Rush would think about a particular event or story. Impossible to say – he was a unique thinker who always delighted us with his unconventional thoughts and perspective. I am often sent messages from people who want to share their own stories about the impact Rush had on their lives and reminders of what an incredible agent for “change” he was.

A year later, the grief over his passing is still present and painful. At the same time, I have a growing sense of optimism- that his legacy will continue to inspire people and that some historians will recognize what a true giant he was, not only professionally but in totality. I miss Rush every day. I know you do too.

Thank you – for allowing me to share a few thoughts.

James Golden aka Bo Snerdley


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