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There is a story I spotted in Biz Pac Review this morning that should be scrutinized by Republican party leaders, and those interested in tracking the so-called “Mainstream media.”

The long and short of it – is that the Harvard University Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy has been conducting a program for friendly news executives at CNN, the LA Times, Axios, Buzzfeed, the Associated Press, what’s left of NBC News and others – to “help these liberal outlets “fight misinformation and media manipulation,” in the news.

I translate that to mean Harvard University is colluding with left-wing biased news outlets, to impact the 2022 midterm elections, and the 2024 general elections to unify a strategy of discrediting all news they don’t deem “appropriate.”  Have you ever wondered why all the news coming from the left employs the same talking points, similar language with the same “narrative?”

Perhaps we are seeing exactly how that happens. Why is it that all or the major left-wing news outlets were able to ignore the Biden family history with regard to their financial dealings, despite the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop?   Why was the narrative of the Steele dossier so widespread – despite the outright lies that have been recently exposed – causing the Washington Post to recently retract their own reporting?

Why is it that legitimate questions and concerns, raised by journalists from non-liberal publications are often ignored on a range of issues, from election processes to how suspects in news events are labeled with terms like “white supremacists” before their backgrounds are fully vetted?

This story- could give us a window in.

What should happen.

  • Non-liberal news leaders should demand to examine all of the materials used in this “program”
  • Political leaders in the opposition party should demand their representatives be informed of future “programs” like this – and be allowed to send representatives.
  • The news executives should be questioned by non-liberal journalists and pressured to reveal what took place -and why they attended.
  • Anytime left-wing journalists claim there is no “bias” in their organizations, this story should be held up as an example of the way the mainstream media operates, with liberals in academia.

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