Boebert flames Fetterman for ‘truly unbecoming’ fashion: ‘Just no excuse for it’

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman’s Zelenskyy-like aversion to appropriate attire fueled countless jokes on the campaign trail, but when the Pennsylvania Democrat showed up at a Senate press conference sporting a hoodie and shorts, it was too much for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) to bear.

Flanked by serious Democratic senators neatly dressed in suits and ties, Fetterman, clearly still struggling from the effects of his May 2022 stroke and fresh from a lengthy hospital stay, was clad in a baggy sweatshirt, sloppy workout shorts, and a pair of running shoes to discuss the government’s debt ceiling crisis.

It was, according to Boebert, “unbecoming.”

“John Fetterman redefined Casual Friday on a Thursday morning,” Boebert tweeted on Friday.

“It’s truly unbecoming for someone to show up like that to any job, let alone a job that only 100 people are elected to do,” she stated. “There’s just no excuse for it.”

It wasn’t the first time Fetterman turned up for what is arguably one of the most important, most coveted jobs in American politics dressed as though he’d just been released on parole from Rikers.

Following his six-week stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he was treated for clinical depression, the senator shuffled into work wearing a black hoodie, a loose pair of shorts, and sneakers.

It was, needless to say, not a sight that spurred confidence in the minds of American voters.

Following his Thursday “Fashion Don’t,” Boebert wasn’t the only one who was fed up.

“Mentally incompetent, sweatshirt and cargo shorts-wearing John Fetterman is a fraud on the American people,” tweeted former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Monica Crowley.

“John Fetterman took casual Friday to a whole new level!!!” exclaimed Blaze TV’s Chad Prather.

“What in the Planet Fitness is Fetterman wearing!” asked conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams. “He has no respect for his elected position. He can barely talk & think straight because of his stroke.”

Judging from the reactions, Williams is, in fact, “right.”

And if Fetterman’s clothes aren’t enough of a distraction, his inability to express a “coherent thought” is downright painful to watch.

As American Wire News reported, the senator managed to show some style at a Tuesday Senate Banking Committee hearing but speaking stymied both him and those who were forced to patiently listen to him.

“John Fetterman is incapable of speech or coherent thought,” tweeted nationally syndicated radio host and founder, Clay Travis. “Good job, Pennsylvania,”

Melissa Fine


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