Boston Sephora boots white teens accused by black staffer of using makeup for blackface

We live in very sensitive times when it comes to matters of race, with sensitive people walking around with proverbial hammers looking for nails. At the same time, the demand for racist acts is greater than the supply, which explains why there are so many Jussie Smollet-like events in the world.

A group of teenage girls are being accused of “testing dark makeup to do blackface inside a Boston Sephora,” as reported by the New York Post, all while their mother/chaperones looked on.

Temi Ojora, a black University of Southern California track and field athlete, recorded the girls in a TikTok video that is now private and claimed the girls were “making animal sounds.” Ojora is a “staffer” at the store and she described the scene as “genuinely so disgusted and disturbed,” according to the Post.

“These group of teenage girls and their mothers come in and go to the makeup section to use the samples for blackface whilst giggling and making animal sounds,” Ojora wrote. “This is the stuff that ruins jobs, college acceptances, let alone how incredibly offensive this is.” the staffer says.

While it’s not exactly clear what is going on, Sephora wasted little time jeopardizing it’s ESG score and condemned the white teens being accused by a black staffer of being racist.

“We are extremely disappointed by the behavior of these shoppers at our Prudential Center location, and as such, they were asked to leave our premises,” the company said in a statement. “Under no circumstance is this type of behavior tolerated at Sephora.”

Meanwhile, the debate raged online over whether the teen girl had a face mask on that improves skin or whether it was just makeup… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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