‘Bullsh*t!’: Emory University under investigation by Biden’s DOE … for alleged anti-Muslim discrimination

Ever get the feeling that Ashton Kutcher is about to jump out of the bushes and yell, “You’ve been Punk’d”?

If ever there was a time for it to happen, news that the Biden administration’s Department of Education (DOE) has launched an investigation into Emory University for allegedly discriminating against Muslim students would be the perfect moment.

According to Fox News Digital, the DOE’s Office for Civil Rights investigation comes “after the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) and Palestine Legal filed a civil rights complaint against the school on behalf of Emory Students for Justice in Palestine.”

This is as Jewish students across America are being harassed — sometimes violently —  to the point that they have abandoned classes and fled the chaotic campuses in fear for their safety.

Never mind that, say the advocacy groups. Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim students have been called ugly names, like “terrorists.”

Perhaps if they’d stop chanting “From the River to the Sea” the name-calling would stop.

But for now, things for the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protestors have been “difficult.”

“The last 6 months at Emory University have been difficult for Palestinian, Arab and Muslim students,” Emory Students for Justice in Palestine said in a release from CAIR-Georgia about the complaint. “We want the Department of Education to do what Emory failed to — which is [to] investigate our reports of bias properly, listen to our voices, and hold Emory accountable, so we can safely advocate for Palestinian rights without fearing for our safety on campus”

“No student should ever feel marginalized, intimidated and unsafe like we have been feeling,” the statement continued. “We are here to learn, and we should be able to do so in peace without being threatened, harassed and dox[x]ed simply for being Palestinian, Muslim, Arab or a supporter of Palestinian rights.”

“Have you seen that last 7 days?” asked one incredulous user on X. “How about all the Jewish students who cannot walk on campus freely.”

Neither Emory University nor the DOE would comment on the pending investigation, but CAIR-Georgia — “a group whose main chapter top executive said he was ‘happy’ to witness the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel,” according to Fox News Digital — was thrilled.

“It is unconscionable that students have been made to suffer an unsafe and unwelcome learning environment without recourse despite asking the University for help multiple times,” Azka Mahmood, CAIR-Georgia’s executive director, said in a press release. “We hope that this investigation will compel Emory University administration to address the harassment and systemic discrimination faced by Palestinian, Muslim, and Arab students.”

“Bullsh*t!!!!!!” exclaimed one  X user.

As BizPac Review reported, Emory University issued a press release late last month regarding the disruptive protestors.

“These individuals are not members of our community,” the statement read. “They are activists attempting to disrupt our university as our students finish classes and prepare for finals. Emory does not tolerate vandalism or other criminal activity on campus.”

“At Emory, at least 28 people were arrested during a recent demonstration at the Emory Quad,” Fox News Digital reports. “The school said its Police Department ‘issued criminal trespass warnings to six individuals suspected of committing recent acts of vandalism on campus’ and ‘confirmed that none of these individuals are affiliated with Emory.'”

Former FBI Special Agent and Fox News contributor Nicole Parker suggested the DOE’s investigation is exactly what should be expected from the Biden administration.

“It seems that when it comes to investigating members of the liberal progressive movement, the FBI and DOJ almost turn a blind eye,” Parker told Fox News Digital. “But yet they drop the hammer on those on the conservative end of the spectrum.”

While she noted that she can’t speak for the DOE, Parker said the federal criminal justice system in general “picks and chooses who they are going to protect.”

“The FBI claims that the violent and dangerous actions against Jews on college campuses the past couple of weeks are simply an exercise of First Amendment rights,” Parker said. “If those activities don’t constitute [a] violation of civil rights or a hate crime — I’m not sure what a hate crime is.”

Melissa Fine


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