Bystanders scream in horror as man lights himself ablaze outside Trump trial

Folks in New York City were truly horrified on Friday when seemingly out of nowhere, a man lit himself on fire.

Screams could be heard from onlookers as the man self-immolated in the protest area outside the Manhattan courthouse where former President Trump was on trial. Fox News’ Eric Shawn was reporting on Trump’s alleged hush money case and was already on the scene when the troubling incident took place.


More from Fox:

There was panic and screaming, obviously, when this happened,” Shawn reported.

The man appeared to be moving his arms as he was attended to by EMT and paramedics. His identity and condition are currently unknown.

Police were seen engaging with the man as he was lying on the ground receiving medical attention. He was pulled onto a stretcher and placed in an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Shawn described the scene as one of “shock and horror” with flames reaching as tall as 15 ft. into the air.

CNN reporter Laura Coates was also present and caught the dramatic moment on live TV.

Coates first reported an “an active shooter” in apparent confusion as the scene quickly unfolded before getting up to see the man ablaze. “A man has set fire to himself. A man as emblazoned himself,” she exclaimed. Coates continued to give a detailed play-by-play of what she was witnessing, including the smell of burning flesh and some sort of “agent” presumably used to start the fire.

The dramatic event also set social media ablaze where reactions came in from many different perspectives:

Every day it’s becoming harder to distinguish between fiction an reality.

More video captured the man after the flames were put out being rushed to the hospital with speculation that he may still be alive.

Warning… this video GRAPHIC and disturbing too:


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