Biden admin accused of pulling ‘nuclear level attack’ on women’s rights with ‘grotesque’ Title IX changes

President Joe Biden made good on a campaign promise and decimated the Title IX regulations, setting off a firestorm of anger over what many see as a slap in the face to women.

Biden’s Department of Education issued the finalized regulation Friday, effectively expanding protections for transgender students and, for the first time, banning discrimination based on “gender identity.”

“For more than 50 years, Title IX has promised an equal opportunity to learn and thrive in our nation’s schools free from sex discrimination,” U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said in a statement. “These final regulations build on the legacy of Title IX by clarifying that all our nation’s students can access schools that are safe, welcoming, and respect their rights.”

Riley Gaines, a former 12-time All-American swimmer at the University of Kentucky, was among many women who blasted the administration, with a clear warning about the consequences of elections.

Ilya Shapiro,  senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, leveled a blistering reality check on X.

“The administration expands Title IX to cover an undefined ‘gender identity’ despite the law’s clear understanding of sex as biological and binary—regardless whether you care most about statutory text or purpose, or even legislative history,” he wrote.

“As bad as the redefinition of “sex” is, what’s arguably even worse about the new rule is its subversion of due process and free speech,” he added. “And bloated educational bureaucracies will waste no time in investigating and disciplining students and faculty for politically incorrect speech that now runs afoul of expansive, nebulous, and shape-shifting definitions of sex-based harassment.”

“This rule aims to inculcate radical change in American society. It’s bad law, bad policy, and a continuation of a broader shift from education to activism,” Shapiro warned.

The regulations update effectively dismantled many of the changes, such as sexual assault due process rules, put in place by former President Donald Trump.

“This new rule turns Title IX on its head through extra-statutory regulations that require schools to allow males to self-identify into women’s spaces, opportunities, and athletics,” the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) said in a statement.

“DO NOT COMPLY. FIGHT,” Megyn Kelly reacted on X. She also slammed the “nuclear level attack on women’s rights and men’s due process rights.”

“I never thought I’d see the day where Title IX would be used to harm women, but sadly, that day has come,” former Trump-era Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wrote on X.

“This is a regulation no one needed and very few wanted. Our rule, the current one, was working well. By contrast, the Obama-Biden rules I inherited drew bipartisan outrage about the horrors they were creating on campuses, and the courts were routinely having to intervene,” DeVos wrote. “None of that was the case when Biden took office. This is an endeavor born entirely of progressive politics, not sound policy.”

The concurring outrage continued to pour in on social media.

Frieda Powers


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