California plummets in state conservative rankings according to study, 4th most liberal state in the union

A study from the Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA) has found that conservatives are basically an endangered species in California with it now ranking as the fourth most liberal state in the nation.

The Golden State dropped from 44th place to 47th in the rankings since the last time the study was conducted, according to Fox News. The other three states that beat out California as a leftist utopia included Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

The Center for Legislative Accountability is a project of the CPAC Foundation and the American Conservative Union Foundation. The new study found that California lawmakers are trending even more progressive since the last results a year ago. The state has turned even bluer and more socialist.

CLA took a look at all 7,400 state lawmakers’ voting records across the nation to come up with its findings. California legislature got an abysmal conservative rating of 24%. Rhode Island received a 20% rating, Hawaii came in at 18%, and Massachusetts bottomed out at 15%.

“The Lawmaker Scorecard conservative rating is calculated on individual lawmaker voting across 186 policy areas ranging from cultural and life issues to tax, fiscal, and regulatory policies,” the CLA stated. “Each year the CLA tallies over 320,000 votes to generate the scores and 50 state rankings. Only 17 California Republican lawmakers earned awards from CPAC for earning conservative ratings of 80% and above. However, an astounding 72 lawmakers earned CPAC’s ‘Coalition of the Radical Left’ award for conservative ratings of 10% or below.”

Democratic state senators outnumber Republicans 29 to 9 in California. It’s just as bad in the assembly where Democratic members outnumber Republicans 58 to 17.

The midterm elections did not help California as far as it comes to conservatives either, according to the study.

“This past election is likely to only worsen the plunge due to the projected flip of Republican seats to Democrat in the state Assembly,” the CLA study contends.

California’s top-rated three conservatives are Assemblyman (and Congressman-elect) Kevin Kiley (R-Granite Bay), Sen. Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore), and Assemblyman Frank Bigelow (R-O’Neals) according to California Globe.

According to the media outlet, the weakest conservative issues for state lawmakers include:

  • Taxes, Budget, and Spending
  • Healthcare
  • Welfare and Poverty
  • Education
  • Government Integrity and Transparency

Considering the mess California is in, none of those areas are unexpected. Liberals in the state keep doubling down on disastrous policies and Californians are paying a heavy price for it.

Some of the legislation the Lawmaker Scorecard by CLA was based upon includes:

  • AB 101 — Advancing Critical Race Theory by Imposing “Ethnic Studies” Curriculum Mandates on Local High Schools
  • AB 1177 — Advancing a Government Takeover of the Financial System Through a “Public Banking Option”
  • AB 1204 — Placing Additional Costly Regulatory Burdens on Hospitals by Mandating “Equity Reporting”
  • AB 1395 — Advancing Economic Catastrophe Through the “California Climate Crisis Act” and a 90% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2045
  • AB 37 — Decimating Election Integrity Through a Permanent Vote-By-Mail Scheme
  • AB 465 — Mandating Professional Fiduciaries Undergo 2 Hours of LGBTQ Cultural Competency Annually for Licensure


None of this should come as a surprise since socialists running for office in the midterm elections won 90% of their races, according to the Heartland Institute.

“In total, 132 socialist candidates were tracked — 78 at the state level and 54 at the federal level. Our analysis found 120 of these far-left candidates were victorious (a 90.9 percent victory rate). Candidates were identified as ‘socialist’ by examining endorsements by socialist organizations, such as Our Revolution and the Democratic Socialists of America,” the institute found.


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