‘WE’RE FIIIIINE!’ Joe Rogan explodes over California police wanting robots to be able to use deadly force

As America inches closer to a dystopian nightmare, the San Francisco Police Department is petitioning the progressive city’s Board of Supervisors, seeking permission to allow its robots to kill suspects when it decides the “risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD.”

The report, from Engadget, was enough to make podcaster Joe Rogan’s head explode all over Instagram. The comedian threw caution to the wind and lashed out at the woke culture that would even consider such a thing.

“What could go wrong using robots to kill people in a land where men can get pregnant and billions of dollars can be lost as amphetamine popping incels manage made up money,” he posted. “WE’RE FIIIIINE.”


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Over on Twitter, where news of the notion was picked up by several outlets, comparisons to the 1987 movie, “Robocop,” were immediate.

According to the Engadget article, the proposal “has already seen significant opposition from both within and without the Board.”

“Supervisor Aaron Peskin, initially pushed back against the use of force requirements, inserting ‘Robots shall not be used as a Use of Force against any person,’ into the policy language,”  senior reporter Andrew Tarantola writes. “The SFPD removed that wording in a subsequent draft, which I as a lifelong San Francisco resident did not know was something that they could just do.”

Peskin, as chair of the three-member Rules Committee, didn’t push back against the alteration. He and the rest of the group unanimously approved the draft, without his addition.

“Peskin excused his decision by claiming that ‘there could be scenarios where deployment of lethal force was the only option,'” Tarantola reveals.

While they may be on board with the use of killer robots, it’s a hard sell to Twitter.

“Death by algorithm…what could go wrong?” asked Politix Live.

Actor James Woods has heard the “rare and exceptional” argument before.

“Remember when abortion was going to be ‘safe, legal, and rare?'” he asked his nearly three million followers.

Others concentrated on the logistics of such a deployment of robotic force.

“So if the robots kill black people will we have riots and all that?” one user asked. “Will the robots be called racists, and defunded?”


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