‘Can this be America?’ Trump calls out judge’s wife moments after gag order is reinstated

Moments after a gag order was reinstated against former President Donald Trump this Thursday, he took to Truth Social to slam the presiding judge’s wife.

In the posts, Trump called out Judge Arthur Engoron’s wife, Dawn Engoron, by accusing her of posting anti-Trump memes to social media. The posts included screenshots of her alleged social media rantings.

“This is the Judge’s Wife and Family that are putting these things out. I am not entitled to a Jury under this Statute. Can this be happening in America? This is the most unfair Trial in the History of New York, and I’ve had some pretty unfair Trials!” the former president wrote alongside the screenshots.

Look (*Language warning):

The memes were reportedly discovered earlier this month by far-right activist Laura Loomer.

“Conservative activist Laura Loomer accused Dawn Engoron of running an X account that frequently posted anti-Trump messages against the former president, whose civil business fraud trial is currently being overseen by Judge Engoron. The judge has faced criticism of his own and Loomer’s claims sparked people to call for a mistrial in Trump’s case,” Newsweek reported around the start of the month.

The only problem is that Dawn has denied that the account in question is hers.

“I do not have a Twitter account. This is not me. I have not posted any anti Trump messages,” she said in a statement to Newsweek.

If that’s the case, then it remains unclear whether Trump posting screenshots of the X account’s tweets will count as a violation of his gag order.

The gag order was originally issued in October but then stayed pending an appeal. However, this Thursday the matter was finally resolved in the judge’s favor, meaning the gag order is back in effect.

“A New York appellate court has reinstated a gag order prohibiting former President Donald Trump and attorneys from making public statements about the courtroom staff in the ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial,” according to CNN.

“Judge Arthur Engoron originally issued the order barring Trump from making public statements about his court’s staff after Trump made numerous comments about a clerk, who Trump says is biased against him,” CNN notes.

Back in October, Trump posted a picture to Truth Social of Judge Engoron’s clerk posing with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. In the post, the former president mockingly referred to her as “Schumer’s girlfriend.”

The post led to the clerk being harassed.

“Hundreds of threats against Engoron and the law clerk were made public last week. Engoron’s clerk has received 20 to 30 calls per day to her personal cell phone and 30 to 50 messages daily on social media platforms and two personal email addresses, according to court papers,” according to CNN.

The judge was not pleased.

“This morning one of the defendants posted on (a) social media account a disparaging untrue and personally identifying post about a member of my staff. Although I have since ordered the post deleted and apparently it was, it was also emailed out to millions of other recipients,” the judge said in court.

Dovetailing back to the present, Engoron reportedly made it very clear in court Thursday that he intends to fully enforce the gag order.

“I intend to enforce the gag orders rigorously and vigorously. I want to make sure that counsel informs their clients of the fact that the stay was vacated,” he said.

“It is a tragic day for the rule of law, but we’re aware,” Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, reportedly fired back.

“It is what it is,” Engoron responded.

Responding to the reissuance of the gag order, Trump supporters (and even some Trump haters) on social media cried foul.


Vivek Saxena


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