Rolling Stone sparks firestorm for celebrating death of Henry Kissinger with ‘hateful headline’

Leftists took a break from supporting Hamas and doxxing children this week to celebrate the death of Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger, a legendary American politician and diplomat, reportedly died Wednesday at his home in Kent, Connecticut.

Immediately afterward, celebration erupted on the Internet, with radically far-left outlets like Rolling Stone magazine leading the chorus.


That’s right, the magazine published a piece titled “Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies.”

The stunning piece accuses Kissinger of being a “mass murderer” and “state murderer.” It also compares him to deceased mass killer Timothy McVeigh.

“Measuring purely by confirmed kills, the worst mass murderer ever executed by the United States was the white-supremacist terrorist Timothy McVeigh. On April 19, 1995, McVeigh detonated a massive bomb at the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people, including 19 children,” the piece reads.

“McVeigh, who in his own psychotic way thought he was saving America, never remotely killed on the scale of Kissinger, the most revered American grand strategist of the second half of the 20th century,” it continues.

But it’s not just Rolling Stone magazine that’s taken to besmirching Kissinger and celebrating his death. So have their ghoulish fans on X.


Voices on the right, including some whom are also critics of Kissinger’s work, were far less Machiavellian in their responses. Take conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

“Kissinger’s realpolitik was largely about avoiding the worst case scenario by embracing the second-worst scenario,” he wrote in a tweet.

“Realpolitik” refers to Kissinger’s pragmatic but controversial belief that it’s worth sometimes humoring bad things if doing so leads to good things.

“[S]ometimes this meant engaging in support of hideous activity to avoid creation of Soviet satellites (Indonesia vs. East Timor), sometimes it meant getting it right in the short term to get it wrong in the long-term (opening China), sometimes it meant ignoring human rights abuses in order to foster other priorities (Soviet dissident Jews),” Shapiro explained in his tweets.

But, he continued, the biggest criticism of Kissinger isn’t correct.

“[T]he most fundamental ideological critique of Kissinger — that foreign policy isn’t a series of choices between awful alternatives, and that there is a ‘family of nations’ in which ‘international law’ governs; that ‘blowback’ against American foreign policy is the chief driver of foreign policy problems, as though no other country or polity has independent agency and priorities of its own; that America can have clean hands or that Amercan isolationism is a true option in a multipolar world — is totally wrong,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, a small contingent of other X users were not pleased by Rolling Stone’s article. Indeed, they responded to it by chastising the magazine for its lack of decency.


“This isn’t rough or edgy. It’s simply arrogant and disrespectful,” one critic wrote.

That’s true, yet this is EXACTLY how the left responds every single time anyone remotely to the right dies. The same thing happened when Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalia died in 2016, when former President George H.W. Bush and his wife died in 2018, when conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh died in 21, and even when the Queen of England died in 2022 …

Vivek Saxena


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