Why Joe Biden may really be caught up in FBI probe of son Hunter’s finances

There is a possibility that President Joe Biden could wind up being targeted by the FBI in a probe regarding son Hunter Biden’s finances, a report warned […]

Grassley’s appearance at Iowa Trump rally sends signals about former president’s grip

The appearance of long-serving GOP Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa at a campaign-style rally in Des Moines held by Donald Trump last weekend is further indication that […]

Yellen defends $600 reporting requirement for banks, claims it is mostly aimed at high-income earners

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday reiterated her previous support for a proposal from the Biden administration that would mandate banks to report to the IRS any […]

Navy engineer’s wife charged with husband for ‘selling nuclear sub secrets’ a BLM supporter who hated Trump: report

Maryland-based Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe and wife, Diana, were arrested Saturday and charged with selling secret information about the design of nuclear power warships to an […]

Gallup: Most Americans believe GOP better at national security, making country prosper

Significantly Americans trust Republicans with U.S. national security and policies that make the country prosperous than they do Democrats, according to a new survey from […]

First Pentagon software chief resigns, claims U.S. has already lost cyber battle to China

The Pentagon’s first chief software officer has resigned over the Defense Department’s lagging efforts to shore up cyber defenses and technology development, saying he believes the U.S. […]

Georgia election workers sacked amid allegations they shredded voter applications

A pair of Georgia election employees in Fulton County, the most populous in the state and historically Democrat-leaning, were dismissed late last week over allegations they shredded […]

Steve Bannon’s rejection of Jan. 6 committee subpoena puts Biden’s DoJ to the test

After former top Trump political adviser Steve Bannon announced he will ignore a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot, his decision puts […]

State Department describes weekend talks with senior Taliban leaders as ‘candid and professional’

One month after exiting Afghanistan, the Biden administration continues to paint the Islamic militant group as a “professional” entity. The State Department met with “senior Taliban representatives” […]

Whitehouse now says Trump may not be responsible for DoJ scheme to overturn 2020 election

A Democratic senator said on Sunday it’s possible that former President Donald Trump wasn’t “pulling the strings” regarding a scheme to replace the Justice Department’s top official […]

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