Jan. 6 committee subpoenas another half-dozen Trump allies

The House Select Committee on Jan. 6 has issued another six subpoenas for allies of former President Donald Trump as the panel continues its Democrat-led investigation into […]

Washington Post refuses to publish full Trump response to its major story about Capitol riot

Officials with the Washington Post said the paper won’t publish former President Donald Trump’s response to a lengthy investigative story published this week about the Jan. 6 […]

Biden’s answer to sinking approval rating: ‘I’m not running because of the polls’

President Joe Biden appeared to dismiss his sagging poll numbers and approval rating during a press briefing following the G20 summit in Rome on Sunday. After he […]

Republican physician caucus warning Biden vaccine mandate liable to hurt patient care, add to labor shortages

A congressional group of Republican physicians has warned in letters to President Joe Biden and the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that […]

Lawmakers fire off bipartisan letter demanding Fauci provide answers about ‘cruel’ beagle experiments

A letter sent to Dr. Anthony Fauci by a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) demands answers regarding a report from a nonprofit […]

Trump defends indicted GOP lawmaker, brings up Comey, Clinton

Former President Donald Trump came to the defense of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, a Nebraska Republican, in a Tuesday evening statement after the lawmaker was indicted by a […]

Political fight between Manchin, Sanders over Biden’s $3.5T spending bill bogging Dems down

Differences in spending amounts and priorities contained in President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package known as his “Build Back Better” plan is stalled over differences between […]

U.S. government will compensate families of Afghans killed in mistaken Kabul strike

The Biden administration will pay out compensation to the families of Afghans who were killed in a botched strike against a suspected terrorist suspect in Kabul a […]

Republican wins Iowa House seat held by Dems for decades

A GOP candidate has won an Iowa House seat after being held by a Democrat since 1992 in what could be a very ominous sign for President […]

Jim Banks lays out details of the ‘worst’ parts of massive $3.5T reconciliation bill

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, head of the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative bloc in Congress, laid out in detail to members in a memo Tuesday the […]

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