Angry 11-foot alligator lets out a massive ROAR when trapper tries to remove beast from Florida homeowner’s doorstep

It to plenty of encouragement to convince a massive 11 foot alligator to depart from a Florida homeowner’s doorstep. Not that the mighty beast was too pleased […]

Best political cartoons: More emergency powers for Biden

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed these:

Car drives onto Daytona shore injuring beachgoers, including child, before slamming into ocean

Beachgoers at the “World’s Most Famous Beach” experienced a harrowing moment when a driver crashed through a tollbooth and then drove across the sand and into the […]

Kamala Harris gets assist from DeSantis spox on teachers being ‘able to love openly’ in classroom

Vice President Kamala Harris has yet again proven that she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed with her distortion of not only Florida’s Parental Rights In […]

‘Tyranny at Wisconsin’s door’: Decertify Biden 2020 win says State Assembly election committee leader

Even as House Dems attempt to demonize and destroy anyone who suggests the 2020 presidential elections were anything less than the most legitimate election ever, Wisconsin’s State […]

Woke activists make ‘absurd’ demand archeologists stop assigning genders, race to skeletal remains

If you’ve ever heard a liberal insist that Cleopatra was black (spoiler: she was Greek), you can appreciate the lunacy of the latest demands from we activists […]

Spakovsky and Perry: Kamala Harris is conveniently overlooking a glaring fact about abortion

Hans von Spakovsky And Sarah Parshall Perry, DCNF In aspeechat the NAACP’s annual convention in Atlantic City on July 18, Vice President Kamala Harris compared pro-lifers and […]

Why NBA All-Star Andrew Wiggins says he regrets getting vaccinated

Jon Milti, FEE Andrew Wiggins has had quite a year. The 27-year old NBA star won a championship with the Golden State Warriors, was selected to his […]

TIPP Insights: China’s hands in the fentanyl epidemic

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights It is wiy known that most fentanyl and precursor ingredients used to make the opioid are manufactured in China. These substances […]

Watch: Students can’t find the right to abortion in the Constitution

Alexa Schwerha, Campus Reform In response to the Supreme CourtoverturningRoe v. Wade,pro-abortion activists insist that abortion is a Constitutionally protected right. To find out where abortion supporters […]

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