Liz Cheney’s replacement hails GOP victories in congratulatory message

Rep. Elise Stefanik, the No, 3 Republican in the House, lauded GOP victories across her state on Tuesday following “record” party victories in enclaves long held by […]

Mayoral candidate backed by AOC, Sanders, trails incumbent: ‘Socialism has been defeated in Buffalo!’

A left-wing Democrat who won an earlier primary for mayor of Buffalo, N.Y., and is backed by two leading progressives was behind early Wednesday morning in a […]

Measure to replace Minneapolis PD with ‘public safety’ department goes down in flames

A ballot measure in Minneapolis to replace the police department failed by double digits on Tuesday, likely dealing a major blow to nationwide efforts by left-wing progressives […]

Exit data shows why Youngkin won Virginia gubernatorial race, handing Dems big loss

Glenn Youngkin, a businessman and first-time politician, beat back the biggest names in the Democratic Party to win the Virginia gubernatorial race on Tuesday, becoming the first […]

Federal judge blocks Biden admin from firing federal employees, discharging military personnel for refusing vaccine

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has barred the Biden administration from firing federal workers or discharging U.S. military personnel for their refusal to take a COVID-19 […]

Journalist calls rapid development of COVID vaccines ‘an American story’

The author of a bo chronicling the development of the COVID-19 vaccine called their rapid production and ivery “an American story” Thursday evening. Writer Gregory Zuckerman noted […]

Biden’s DHS expands list of no-go places where ICE agents are not allowed to make arrests

The Department of Homeland Security’s top official has dramatically expanded the places where Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are not allowed to go to make arrests. DHS […]

Biden admin seeks to pay reparations to illegal migrants separated during Trump term

The Biden administration “is in talks” to provide up to $1 billion in taxpayer funds to thousands of families separated at the border after crossing illegally into […]

Lightfoot announces new $500 per month basic income program for poor after slashing police funding

Chicago has become the latest Democrat-run city to implement a basic income program for thousands of low-income earners, though the Windy City’s program comes after Mayor Lori […]

Andrew Cuomo expected to be arrested next week on newly-filed sexual harassment charge

Several of former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fiercest critics are applauding the decision to charge him with sexual assault following findings of the state’s top law […]

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