‘Celebrity Family Feud’ host Steve Harvey shocked by Kristin Chenoweth’s bleep-worthy answer

“Bewitched” actress Kristin Chenoweth appeared to get her kink on for the whole world to see during a Sunday episode of “Celebrity Family Feud,” or perhaps let slip some deep-seated fantasy.

Either way, she left host Steve Harvey in a temporary state of shock.

Chenoweth was competing against” Sister Act” star Kathy Najimy, with Harvey asking: “We asked 100 women: After the lips, what’s your favorite part of a man to kiss?”

First to buzz in, Chenoweth answered: “Rhymes with ‘heinous.’”

“Oh my goodness,” Harvey said, as he turned around in disbelief at her suggestion of kissing a man in his…. well, anus.

“I’m sorry. I’m a good Christian girl. Forgive me!” Chenoweth replied.

As Harvey moved to give Najimy a chance to respond to the question, Chenoweth turned around and mouthed to her fellow teammates, “I’m sorry.”

She would be teased by Harvey later in the segment, as he alluded to his earlier introduction of the Tony-winning Broadway actress.

“‘Nicest woman I’ve ever met,’” he said. “’Oh, my God, I can just tell you’re a wonderful person’ … Welcome to Sunday night TV, folks!”

Harvey had explained in an interview with People magazine what leads to viral answers on the game show.

“Pure, high-level, unintentional ignorance,” he said. “That’s what it is.”

“You’re going to go viral if you give me that high-level unintentional shot of ignorance,” Harvey added. “But every viral moment that’s ever happened on the show – I knew it, I recognized it. I tell people all the time: ‘You’re going to be on YouTube.’ I know the moments.”

Tom Tillison


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