Charlamagne tha God warns Biden’s ‘getting his *ss kicked everywhere’

Charlamagne tha God, cohost of iHeartRadio’s “The Breakfast Club,” warned this week that President Joe Biden is in real trouble when it comes to the black vote.

While he disagreed with a recent New York Times/Siena poll showing 23% of registered black voters said they’d vote for former President Donald Trump, saying it wouldn’t be quite that high, Charlamagne was adamant that the 81-year-old president was “getting his *ss kicked everywhere.”

“When you look at Joe Biden’s approval ratings, he’s getting his *ss kicked everywhere,” he insisted. “It’s not just black people. So I think that in order to really get that campaign on the right track, they’ve got to start looking at the totality of what’s happening with that campaign and how different groups of people feel about him.”

Charlamagne, aka Lenard Larry McKelvey, appeared on the Vox podcast “Today Explained” Sunday and told host Noel King that the Democrat Party hasn’t done much to help the black community.

“I mean, Democrats have done more, but we haven’t really seen anybody systemically help us get out of this situation that we’re in, because I think that’s something that people never truly address,” the radio host said.

He made it clear that Biden is not just losing support among black voters, “When people say this nowadays, I’m like, why are they just focusing on the black voters when you see him going lower and lower with everybody?”

Not that Charlamagne has warmed up to Trump in any manner, as he insisted that the former president is a “threat to democracy” while arguing that Biden is fair game for criticism.

“If we have a threat to democracy on the other side, what’s wrong with asking that question? Are they still a winnable ticket? When you look at the polls, when you look at the approval rating, what’s wrong with asking that question? When David Axelrod said [it], nobody said anything,” he said.

“But when the black guy from the hip-hop station in a hoodie says something, then everybody has a problem with it,” Charlamagne added. “Any power that I have is derived from the people. I’m literally only asking the questions that I hear everyday working-class people ask of me when they call into the radio station in the morning or when I’m walking the streets in New York or when I’m home in South Carolina. These are the things that I’m hearing people say.”

He doubled down on the issue of illegal immigrants flooding blue cities despite criticism from the left.

“You have people in Chicago, you have people in New York complaining about the resources that they feel the migrants were getting, that people in the community that have been there forever aren’t receiving,” he said. “And you literally had MSNBC run a headline that said, Charlamagne the God is pushing MAGA messaging. Now, two months later, that’s all everybody’s talking about is the border. So literally, my answer came from talking to regular, everyday people. So how is it MAGA messaging if it’s coming from the people?”

Tom Tillison


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