Chicago mayor FUMES as Texas gets around bus block, begins flying migrants to sanctuary cities

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ramping up his efforts to relocate illegal migrants to America’s self-proclaimed sanctuary cities.

Rather than pack the migrants onto busses, Abbott has begun flying them out of the Lone Star State, with the first plane taking off from El Paso on Tuesday carrying 120 border-jumpers bound for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

“The decision was partially in response to Chicago’s interference of the buses traveling to the sanctuary city,” Fox News Digital reports. “The city has launched lawsuits against companies transporting the migrants.”

Just as they did before boarding one of the busses Texas has used to transport them, each of the migrants signed voluntary waivers before going wheels up, according to Abbott’s office.

Abbott has been both demonized and cheered for his resolve to relocate migrants — a strategy he began in April 2022 when he dropped up busloads of the foreign nationals in Washington D.C. He later expanded his program to include cities that have “sanctuary” policies “that forbid or limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement,” Fox News Digital states. The flight to the Windy City marks an “escalation” of a plan that has already seen nearly 83,000 migrants bussed to cities such as D.C., New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angeles.

As BizPac Review has reported, even as winter weather approaches, Abbott has vowed he won’t stop sending migrants to Dem-led cities until President Biden secures the border with Mexico.

On Monday, the governor signed legislation that, beginning in March 2024, will allow law enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens. Entering Texas illegally will become a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 or 180 days in jail. Repeat offenders could face a felony and as much as 20 years behind bars.

“The goal of Senate Bill 4 is to stop the tidal wave of illegal entry into Texas,” Abbott said as he added his signature to the bill.

But according to Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Governor Abbot is “attacking our country.”

“The issue is not just how we respond in the city of Chicago,” Johnson fumed earlier this week. “It’s the fact that we have a governor, a governor, an elected official in the state of Texas, that is placing families on buses without shoes, cold, wet, tired, hungry, afraid, traumatized, and then they come to the city of Chicago where we have homelessness, we have mental health facilities that have been shut down and closed. You have people who are seeking employment.”

“The governor of Texas needs to take a look in the mirror of the chaos he is causing for this country,” the mayor fumed  “This is not just a Chicago dynamic, he is attacking our country.”

Abbott’s press secretary, Andrew Mahaleris, says Mayor Johnson was “flat out lying.”

“If he truly cared about these migrants, he would stop spreading falsehoods and complaining about a few thousand migrants being bussed into his sanctuary city,” Mahaleris told Fox News Digital. “Instead, Mayor Johnson should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border — something the president continues failing to do.”

“Meanwhile, the chaos at the border itself continues with enormous numbers of migrant encounters,” the outlet reports. “The daily record for encounters was broken this week when more than 12,600 migrants were encountered in a single day.”

Melissa Fine


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